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Following the best diet plans to lose weight. Get healthy recipes to lose weight. More than 200 diets for weight loss.

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Balanced diet: discover how to lose 15 lbs per month for a perfect body.
Burn fat diet: an effective soup diet to burn fat and lose 16 lbs per week.
Diet for weight loss 15 lbs: strict diet but secures to lose between 10 and 15 lbs in 1 month.
Diet to lose 20 lbs: strict and fast diet to lose more than 20 lbs in 30 days.
Easy diet to lose weight: 5 rules to follow, the diet includes all meals (diet without being hungry)
Diet to lose calories: 1200 calories diet to lose 4 lbs per month eating almost everything.

1500 calories diet: diet plan for 7 days to lose 2 to 3 lbs per week without doing too much effort.
1200 calories diet: diet menu to lose 3 to 4 lbs per week.
1000 calories diet: diet plan for 7 days to lose 5 to 6 lbs per week.
900 calories diet: strict diet but effective with a little effort to lose 7 to 8 lbs per week.
The carb diet: diet based on abundant carbohydrate intake to lose 6 to 8 lbs in 1 month.
Mayo clinic diet: 1000 calories diet. 14 days eating eggs to lose 15 lbs (famous diet in the 80s.)
The soup diet: 700 calories diet based on soup to lose 10 lbs in 7 days.
The astronaut diet: 500 calories diet prescribed to pilots to lose 6 lbs in 2 days.
The soviet air force diet: low-calories diet to lose 20 lbs in 14 days.

Mediterranean diet: the healthiest diet in the world to lose 2 lbs per week.
Balanced diet: eat anything you want except fat foods.
Chinese diet: delicious meals rich in antioxidants, vegetables and fruit to lose 2 lbs per week.
Japanese diet: diet for live many years and lose 2 lbs per week. For the sushi fans!
The Zone diet: lose 4 lbs per month keeping the right balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.
Diet food: mix correctly the food and forget to count calories. Weight loss 4 lbs per week.
6 Meals diet : effective diet if you combine it with 3 fitness sessions per week.
The Eat diet: diet plan to lose 4 lbs without hunger and eating (almost) everything.

Diet during pregnancy: the mother's diet is the key to determine the sex of the baby.
Hypertension diet: the secret to lower the tension: eat a lot of garlic and a salt-free diet!

Celebrity diets: more than 100 celebrity diets: Gossip Girl, Beyoncé, Megan Fox...
Model diet: model and top model diet: Kate Moss, Adriana Lima, Gisele Bundchen...
Hollywood diet: actresses and Hollywood stars: Jennifer Aniston, Lindsay Lohan...
Gossip diet: gossip and celebrities diet: Michelle Obama, Victoria Beckham...
Singer diet: the best singer diet: Beyoncé, Miley Cyrus, Madonna...
Atkins diet: the most famous diet used by Hollywood's Celebrities (no carbs to lose 8 lbs)
Macrobiotic diet: Madonna, Julia Roberts and Gwyneth Paltrow used this vegetarian diet.
Miami diet: famous diet of the Miami Heart Institute for losing 8 lbs in 3 days.
Cellulite diet: detox diet to reduce cellulite: 2 days diet.
Blood type diet: blood type diet from the doctor D'Adamo to lose 6 lbs per month.
Beverly Hills diet: detox diet eating fruits during 3 weeks to lose 40 lbs.

Fast diet: 5 days diet to lose 6 lbs.
3 day diet: fast diet to lose 10 lbs in only 3 days !
Quick diet: 1 week diet to lose fat without the "yo-yo" effect !
Strict diet: 1 week diet to lose 8 lbs (no carbs).
Carb diet: 1 week diet to lose 10 lbs (no carbohydrates).
Fast diet for summer: 1 week diet to lose 6 lbs eating fruits and vegetables.
The Stillman diet: 1 week diet to lose 6 lbs eating proteins (no fat, no carbohydrates).

Extreme diet: 2 weeks diet to lose 10 lbs eating a lot of fruits and vegetables.

1 Day Detox Diet: detoxify the body drinking liquids (fruits juices and vegetables).
3 Days Diet to Detox: vegan diet to detox your body in 3 days and lose 4 lbs.
The Fasting: 1 day diet to lose 2 lbs and increase vitality.
The water diet: detox diet drinking 8 glasses of water per day.
Diet for constipation: fast cleanliness of the intestine with food rich in fiber.
Diet for diarrhea: diet recommended to people who have diarrhea and want to stop it.
Astringent diet: easy diet to stop the diarrhea in few days.
Fiber diet (laxative): 7 days diet plan to clean and detox the body.

Diuretic diet: diet with fruits to detox the body in 3 days.
Lemon diet: detox diet drinking lemon to lose 15 lbs per week.
Liver diet: diet to clean the liver (diet for liver disease).

Fluid Retention diet: diet to eliminate fluid retention and lose belly.

Detox diet with red tea: drink 4 cups of red tea during meals to lose weight 6 lbs in 5 days.
Detox diet after party: 1 day diet to recover from the excesses of the weekend !

Alli pills: the new alli pills help people lose 50% more weight than with dieting alone.
Weight Watchers diet: famous diet to lose 10 lbs in 16 weeks thank to meetings and Point Diet.
Herbalife diet: diet to substitute meals with shakes to lose 4 lbs per week.
Slim Fast diet : famous diet drinking shakes to lose 4 lbs per week.

Food Combining diet: all about food combining diet to lose weight up to 5 lbs per month.
Scarsdale diet: famous food combining diet to lose 15 lbs in 15 days. Recommended!
3 day diet: food combining diet to lose 6 lbs in 3 days.
4 day diet: easy food combining diet to lose 4 lbs in 4 days.
Food combining menu: do you own menu choosing food from the mentioned groups.
Food combining for Weight Loss: diet to lose 10 lbs, including 2 days break (ideal for party).
Food combining Made Easy: lose 3 lbs per week without mixing proteins and carbohydrates.
Food combining for Health: the best and worst food combining for each season of the year.
Food combining meal plan: lose 4 lbs per week (minimum 1 month) and control weight all the life.

The Rice diet: healthy diet to lose weight up to 8 lbs in 15 days.
Pasta diet: eat pasta to lose weight up to 5 lbs in 7 days.
Cabbage Soup Diet: here's how to lose 8 lbs in 7 days.
Tea diet: drink tea in all meals to lose 6 lbs in 7 days.
Detox tea diet: laxative and diuretic diet to lose 6 lbs in 7 days.
Chocolate diet: sweet diet for girls who love chocolate! Weight loss: 5 lbs in 7 days.
Tomato diet: 3 day diet to lose 4 lbs and detox the body.
Pizza diet: very special diet to lose 4 lbs in 2 days eating pizza and pasta
Special K Diet: eat Kellogg's cereals to lose weight up to 6 lbs in 15 days.

Cholesterol diet: 7 days diet to lower cholesterol and lose weight 4 lbs.
Fast cholesterol diet: 15 days diet lo lower cholesterol very fast and lose 15 lbs (Buddhist diet)
Cholesterol diet for kids: easy diet to lower cholesterol in children.

Diabetic diet: easy diabetic diet to regulate the sugar blood level.

Gluten free diet: The Complete Food List with Gluten Free Diet for Celiac.
Milk allergy: milk free diet for adults and children with milk intolerance.
Asthma diet: weekly diet plan for asthmatic people

The Lemon diet: lemon detox diet to lose 6 lbs in 15 days. Diet used by Beyonce and Stars.
Apple diet: the best apple diets: lose 8 lbs in 5 days + 3 Apple Day Diet.
Peach diet: 3 day diet for weight loss 6 lbs eating peaches.

Celebrity diets [see all]

Model diet & Celebrities

Adriana Lima diet to reduce cellulite
Agyness Deyn balanced diet and short hair
Alessandra Ambrosio 5 meals diet and samba
Anna Kounikova tennis and sport diet
Cindy Crawford the zone diet for weight loss
Doutzen Kroes model diet
Gisele Bundchen healthy diet and beach
Heidi Klum balanced diet and pregnancy diet
Helena Christensen balanced diet
Kate Moss detox diet for the No. 1
Naomi Campbell protein diet and millionaire
Tyra Banks eat fruits and exercise
Victoria's Secret Models water and diet
Fashion editor & designer
Anna Wintour diet of the editor of Vogue
Rachel Zoe celebrity stylist and dietary food
Karl Lagerfeld spoonlight diet to lose 90 lbs!

Actress diet & celebrities

Angelina Jolie strict diet & soup diet
Anne Hathaway the secret for a radiant face
Ashley Tisdale balanced diet and sport
Brooke Shields diet to lose 30 lbs in 1 month
Cameron Diaz fast diet and surf
Carmen Electra south beach diet & beach
Catherine Zeta Jones atkins diet
Charlize Theron healthy and balanced diet
Demi Moore leeches suck my blood for beauty!
Denise Richards south beach diet
Dita Von Teese healthy diet and style
Drew Barrymore vegetarian and low-calories
Eva Longoria celebrity diet and cellulite
Eva Mendes south beach diet and aerobic
Gossip Girl diet of the actresses
Gwyneth Paltrow macrobiotic diet
Halle Berry diabetes diet type 2
Jennifer Aniston the zone diet & surgery
Jessica Alba her best secret: use a girdle!
Jessica Biel 6 meals diet for weight loss
Julia Roberts the GI diet for the eternal youth
Kate Winslet peculiar diet based on the face
Katie Holmes vegetable diet of the Cruise wife!
Keira Knightley celebrity diet
Kirsten Dunst alkaline acid diet & ray-ban
Lindsay Lohan she eats every 3 hours
Lucy Liu chinese diet, sushi and high-heels!
Marilyn Monroe diuretic diet for fluid retention
Megan Fox balanced diet and tattoo
Mischa Barton diet to remove cellulite
Monica Bellucci 5 small portions diet
Natalie Portman strict vegetarian diet
Nicole Kidman organic diet & organic food
Olsen twins celebrity diet and style
Pamela Anderson vegetarian diet and beach
Penélope Cruz mediterranean diet
Renée Zellwegger the Bridget Jones diet
Sex and the City secrets of the protagonists
Scarlett Johansson macrobiotic diet & surgery
Sharon Stone anti-aging diet to rejuvenate
Sienna Miller cellulite diet & remove cellulite
Vanessa Hudgens Disney star and portion diet
Vanessa Williams the 5 factor diet & no stress
Hollywood's celebrity secrets
Frappuccino by Starbucks celebrity beverage
Celebrities without Makeup celebrity makeup

Singer diet & Celebrities

Victoria Beckham fashion diet
Beyonce Knowles "yo-yo" diet
Britney Spears diet to lose 15 lbs
Christina Aguilera pregnancy diet
Fergie the 5 meals diet
Jennifer Lopez cellulite diet for thighs
Jessica Simpson the 5-Factor Diet
Katy Perry jump rope and diet portion control
Kelly Clarkson vitamins for weight loss
Kelly Osbourne diuretic diet to flat stomach
Kylie Minogue Montignac diet
Lady Gaga easy diet and fashion
Lily Allen radical diet for cellulite
Madonna the Zone diet and Macrobiotic
Mariah Carey the 5 meals diet
Miley Cyrus Disney rock star and healthy diet
Paris Hilton green leaves for the most fashion
Rihanna healthy diet and fashion style!

Gossip diet & Celebrities

Michelle Obama healthy diet for Ms. Obama
Queen Rania of Jordan GI diet - glycemic index
Queen Elizabeth II of England the detox diet
Queen Letizia strict diet for Spain Queen
Charlotte Casiraghi healthy diet in Monaco

The Vegetarian diet: lose 8 lbs per month eating vegetables, eggs, milk and honey.
The Vegan diet: strict vegetarian diet without meat, eggs, milk and oil (pure vegetarian diet).
Macrobiotic diet: Madonna, Julia Roberts and Gwyneth Paltrow use this vegetarian diet.
Vegetarian menu: 15 days vegetarian diet to lose 6 lbs per week without eating meat.
Detox diet: depurative and weight loss diet to lose between 10 and 15 lbs !
The Yoga diet: vegan diet from India to improve the union between body and mind, and lose 8 lbs.

Fitness diet: complete diet guide for sport amateur and professional athlete.
Protein diet: eat all the meat you want. Unlimited meat diet!
Diet for Athletes: diet for athletes with effort over 80 minutes (runners, high school athletes...).
Diet for muscle gain: discover how to gain weight and build muscle fast (ideal for bodybuilding).
Weight gain diet: diet to gain up to 4 lbs per week eating 6 meals per day.

Diet for stress: 2 day diet to remove anxiety with the best foods for stress.
Diet for woman: diet to lose 6 lbs in 1 week for women who works in the office.

Sandwich diet recipe: Eat 1 sandwich per day to lose 8 lbs. The bread doesn't put on weight!

Easy diets that work: respect the schedule of meals and lose weight 4 lbs in 7 days.
Good diet: perfect diet for women with small discipline and want to be sure to weight loss!
No diet: combine food correctly and eat in specific schedule to lose 4 lbs in 7 days.
Ayurvedic diet: lose weight and restore energy with Indian traditional medicine Ayurveda.
Personality type diet: weight loss 5 lbs in 7 days depending you personality.
Happy diet: healthy diet to lose 20 lbs in 1 month without lose your smile!

Free diet: weight loss diet to lose 5 lbs in 7 days. Quick diet.


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