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Diet Menu Plans

Sport diet:
“The Athlete's Diet”

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Food for Athletes: Nutrition and Healthy eating for Athletes (runners, high school athletes...)

The intention of this Athlete's Diet is to provide a nutrition adapted for training, recuperation and competition of the sportsmen of resistance (effort over 80 minutes: running, swimming, tennis) and with a weight between 130 lbs and 170 lbs (65 kg and 85 kg).

Nutrition for Athletes

The Athlete's Diet must be HIGH in:
Carbohydrates: 60 % of the diet must come from food rich in complexes carbohydrates as bread, rice, pasta, fruits. Carbs are transformed later in glucose, which is the favorite energy source for muscles.
Liquids: it's necessary to keep the body hydrated during and after the trainings.

The Athlete's Diet must be LOW in:
Fat: avoid butter, cream and mayonnaise.

The Athlete's Diet must be MODERATE in:
Proteins: it's necessary to consume proteins after exercises to recover the muscles. For example 10 oz of red meat (30 grams), chicken without skin or fish, 1 egg or 1 large glass of skimmed milk.
Fiber: avoid food with high contained of fiber because they are very filling.

Healthy Diet Plan for Athletes

We suggest you to follow this diet menu for athletes (effort over 80 minutes: runners, high school athletes)
Meals must be eaten 2 or 3 hours before the training.

Breakfast of the Athlete's diet:

2 glasses of water (when you wake up).
2 cups of cornflakes with 1 large glass of skimmed milk (250 ml), or 2 slices of toasted bread with 1 egg, or with cheese or tuna (10 oz, 30 grs)
1 tomato or vegetables cooked as you like.
1 piece of fresh fruit, or half glass of juice.
Coffee or tea decaffeinated with few skimmed milk (optional).

Lunch of the Athlete's diet:

Red meat non-fat or chicken (40oz, 120 grs), or fish roasted or steamed (60 oz, 180 grs), or 2-3 eggs with cheese (10 oz, 30 grs).
2 medium potatoes or 1 cup of rice, or pasta, or 2-3 toasts of bread.
Carrots or green vegetables cooked as you like.
1 piece of fresh fruit.
2 glasses of water.

Snack in the afternoon:

1 wholemeal bread with honey or jam.
Cheese (10 oz, 30 grs), or skimmed yogurt (70 oz, 200 grs), or 1 cup of skimmed milk.

Dinner of the Athlete's diet:

1 sandwich with chicken (20 oz, 60 grs), or ham low-fat, or tuna, or cheese, or 2 eggs.
Salad with the vegetables you prefer.
1 piece of fresh fruit.
Coffee or tea decaffeinated with few skimmed milk (optional).
2 glasses of water.

Before starting a diet, please consult your nutritionist, she help you lose weight in good health.


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Diet Menu Plans

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