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Celebrity Diet
“Eva Mendes”

Eva Mendes: South Beach Diet to Lose Weight. Celebrity diet, Exercises, Style & Beauty secrets !

Weight: 125 lbs (57 kg)
Height: 5 ft 5 in (1,65 meters)
Age: 50 years old (1974/03/05)
Place of birth: Miami, Florida, USA.

Eva Mendes, actress and model. The Mexican-born actress follows the South Beach Diet as her great ally to lose weight and to keep the body in good shape... What are you waiting to discover her celebrity diet and beauty secrets:
Celebrity diet: Eva Mendes

Celebrity diet: Eva Mendes' diet for Weight Loss

Eva Mendes is a faithful follower of the South Beach Diet. Her benefits are so many that a lot of Hollywood stars have pointed out to it (Shakira, Carmen Electra...).
Celebrity diet: Eva Mendes

Celebrity diet: The South Beach Diet by Eva Mendes

The secret of Eva Mendes: the South Beach Diet.

The South Beach Diet consists on maintaining the level of sugar in blood, and allows to lose 4 to 6 lbs per week. The diet includes fruits, vegetables, cereals, nuts and healthy fat. The three phases of the South Beach Diet:

Phase 1: control the irrational anxiety of eating (15 days)
During this phase, consume a normal amount of meat, chicken, turkey, fish and seafood as well as abundant amounts of vegetables, eggs, nuts and cheeses.
Prohibited food: bread, pasta, potatoes, rice, fruits, candies, desserts, cakes, cookies or refined sugar. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed.

Phase 2: introduction of beneficial carbohydrates (3 weeks)
Anxiety is declined and you feel better. You can eat pasta, rice, bread, fruits and chocolate.

Phase 3: correct food alimentation during all your life (forever)
This phase is essential because maintenance requires keeping good habits of eating. If you don't, you can retrieve the lost weight with "rebound effect".

Should I follow the south beach diet or not? According to our experts: "The South Beach Diet isn’t suitable for people with diabetes or kidney problems. For the rest of the people, yes. During the 1st phase, bread is forbidden. Before following a diet, consult a nutritionist."
Celebrity diet: Eva Mendes - South beach diet

Celebrity exercises for Weight Loss: Eva Mendes does Aerobic and drink a lot of water

Fan of aerobic, Eva Mendes practices the "squats": take a bar with arms bending the legs. She also drink 2 bottles of water per day. After exercises, she receives a massage in the thighs with a hot cream. Eva Mendes like running 2 days a week:
Celebrity exercises: Eva Mendes Celebrity exercises: Eva Mendes
Celebrity exercises: Eva Mendes

Celebrity beauty secret by Eva Mendes: hairstyle

Sublime hairstyle and happy face are the weapons of Eva Mendes to be happy. Eva Mendes makes you discover her best beauty secret, by Eva Mendes:

Hairstyle: Take care of very long hair
Eva Mendes commonly uses hair masks. She goes every week to the hairdresser to do moisturizing treatments. When she is in New York City, she goes to Harry Josh. Sometimes, in the sauna, she puts a mask with olive oil and advocate from Kiehl's.  
Celebrity hairstyle: Eva Mendes hairstyle Celebrity hairstyle: Eva Mendes hairstyle
Celebrity hairstyle: Eva Mendes hairstyle

Have a good face after going out by night
Before sleeping, Eva Mendes makes a good cleaning with Balsam-oil from Lancôme Eclat Baume. After going out of the bed, she puts a hot towel over the eyes and applies an outliner. She also takes homeopathy products to sleep and eliminate toxins.

Celebrity Style: Eva Mendes loves Handbags!

Eva Mendes loves clothes and handbags. In the picture, with a great red handbag by Jimmy Choo:
Celebrity Style: Eva Mendes loves Handbags

Eva Mendes
confesses to spend a lot of money in handbags.
Celebrity handbags: Eva Mendes handbags

Eva Mendes in the Cartier 100th Anniversary in America celebration at Cartier Fifth Avenue Mansion in New York. She was dressed in a metallic Loris Azzaro dress (from Fall 2009 collection), with a pair of crystal strap sandals Giuseppe Zanotti (special edition - $975). The model Heidi Klum also owns these shoes. 
Celebrity Style: Eva Mendes Style

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