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Allergy diet:
“The Asthma Diet”

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The Asthma diet, weekly diet plan for asthmatic people.

If you are asthmatic, the Asthma Diet is what you're looking for. Many persons believe that the contamination, dust and pollen, are the principal causes of the asthma attacks. Nevertheless, the results of the most recent scientific investigations indicate that the asthma can be much more related with the food we eat. The food with high contained in proteins use to provoke allergic reactions.

The Symptoms of Asthma

People have asthma symptoms when the airways tighten, inflame, or fill with mucus. Common asthma symptoms include:Coughing, especially at night, wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness, pain, or pressure.

Asthma Diet Plan for Food Allergy (asthmatic people)

Between asthmatic persons, it exists a major frequency of enduring food allergies. If you are asthmatic, we suggest you to follow this weekly diet plan for Asthma. Also, it will help you to lose weight without too much effort. This is the best foods for asthma.

Monday: Asthma Diet Menu

Breakfast: Skimmed milk. Bread with olive oil and natural tomato. 1 kiwi.
Mid-morning: Fresh cheese with honey.
Lunch: Chickpeas cream. Veal filet with lettuce. Strawberries.
Dinner: Chard with grapes. Baked Hake with roasted potatoes. 1 natural yogurt.

Tuesday: Asthma Diet Menu

Breakfast: Semi skimmed milk. Cookies with jam. 1 orange natural juice.
Mid-morning: Omelet with 1 egg.
Lunch: Grated broccoli and 1 slice of ham. Eggs with tuna and tomato. 1 yogurt with honey.
Dinner: Grilled salmon with mashed potatoes. 1 mandarin.

Wednesday: Asthma Diet Menu

Breakfast: yogurt natural. Breakfast cereals. 1 fruit juice.
Mid-morning: Toast of bread with ham.
Lunch: Lasagna of eggplant. Tropical salad. 1 yogurt natural.
Dinner: Peas with ham. Baked fish with salad. 1 kiwi.

Thursday: Asthma Diet Menu

Breakfast: Semi skimmed milk. Bread with butter and jam. 1 orange juice.
Mid-morning: Cottage cheese with jam.
Lunch: Vegetable soup. Baked cod. Mixed salad. 1 apple.
Dinner: Zucchini cream. Anchovies. 1 yogurt

Friday: Asthma Diet Menu

Breakfast: Semi skimmed milk. Bread with oil de olive and natural tomato. 1 orange juice.
Mid-morning: Strawberries with milk.
Lunch: Lentils with sausage. Chicken with apples. 1 mixed fruit salad.
Dinner: Vegetable soup. Salad with tomato and tuna. 1 kiwi.

Saturday: Asthma Diet Menu

Breakfast: Semi skimmed milk. Breakfast cereals. 1 fruit juice.
Mid-morning: Ham sandwich.
Lunch: mashed potatoes with carrot. Scramble with prawns. Pineapple.
Dinner: Salad with salmon. Grilled chicken. 1 yogurt natural.

Sunday: Asthma Diet Menu

Breakfast: Semi skimmed milk. Homemade cake. 1 orange juice.
Mid-morning: 1 toast with tuna.
Lunch: Rice with seafood. Mixed salad. 1 kiwi.
Dinner: omelet with potatoes. Asparagus with mayonnaise. 1 caramel cream.

Before starting a diet, please consult your nutritionist, she help you lose weight in good health.


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Diet Menu Plans

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