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Celebrity Diet
“Julia Roberts”

Julia Roberts: The GI Diet - Glycemic Index. Weight. Celebrity diet, Exercises, Style & Beauty secrets!

Weight: 134 lbs (61 kg)
Height: 5 ft 8 in (1,73 meters)
Age: 56 years old (1967/10/28)
Place of birth: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Julia Roberts, actress nominated for an Oscars for Pretty Woman. One of the most healthy actresses in Hollywood. Julia Roberts keeps a healthy and ideal body weight. Julia Roberts dressed by Valentino, impressive at the Academy. Discover now the famous diet:
Celebrity diet: Julia Roberts Celebrity style: Julia Roberts - Valentino
Celebrity diet: Julia Roberts

Celebrity diet: Julia Roberts' diet for Weight Loss

Does Julia Roberts have only a healthy silhouette? Julia Roberts reveals us that she follows the GI diet (glycemic Index) to remove years and try to ensure the eternal youth. Before following this diet, please consult your doctor or nutritionist.
Celebrity diet: Julia Roberts - GI diet glycemic index

Celebrity diet: Julia Roberts follows the GI Diet for weight loss (Glycemic Index)

The secret of Julia Roberts for weight loss : The Glycemic Index.
The method followed by Julia Roberts, is the GI Diet of the Canadian dietician Rick Gallop. This diet classifies foods depending on their glycemic Index: high GI foods are avoided (bread, pasta, rice, nuts), food with medium GI must be consumed with moderation (fruit, cereals wholemeal), and food with low GI must be consumed (seed, chickpeas, fresh cheese, dark chocolate) always with proteins, vegetables, starches... 

Should I follow the diet GI diet or not? According to our experts:"Consuming food with low glycemic Index is a good strategy to lose weight and keep the body in good shape, because it avoids the sharp increases of insulin and the increase in appetite. But it's important to balance the rest of the alimentation like Julia Roberts does: consuming enough proteins, fat aliments in moderate quantities, vegetables and lacteals..."

Julia Roberts shows the picture of her son on the Oprah Winfrey show.
Celebrity diet: Julia Roberts - GI diet glycemic index

Celebrity exercises: Julia Roberts' exercise on the beach to keep her ideal body weight

Julia Roberts loves walking along the beach to keep the body in good shape... It provides a great sensation of wellness, and the union of the exercise with the sun helps to prevent osteoporosis. Sea air brings many minerals such as iodine, very important for an optimum level of thyroid hormone in blood. Walk along the sand also helps moisturize the skin, and help to avoid formation of varicose veins.

On the picture, Julia Roberts shows her tattoo during her vacation in Hawaii:
Celebrity tattoo: Julia Roberts tattoo Celebrity diet: Julia Roberts - GI diet glycemic index
Celebrity diet: Julia Roberts

Celebrity beauty tips: Secret of a beautiful smile by Julia Roberts

The actress Julia Roberts makes you discover her best beauty secret to have a beautiful smile, by Julia Roberts:
Celebrity beauty tips: Secret of a beautiful smile by Julia Roberts Celebrity beauty tips: Julia Roberts and smile
Celebrity beauty tips: Smile of Julia Roberts

Maintain your teeth white.
Julia Roberts goes to dentist twice a year to make a tooth whitening and clean mouth.
The actress recommends to avoid food that dirties your teeth: tobacco, red wine and Coke, and use toothpaste from pharmacy that helps you to white them daily.

Makeup tips to highlight your smile.
Uses a lips bar in dark colours such as red or purple, they will make your teeth whiter. If you have yellow teeth, avoid use an orange, gold and bronze that highlight your colour tone teeth. If you don't take care of your teeth, apply a natural bar and highlight the makeup in the eyes to bring the attention to the eye.

Celebrity style: The style of Julia Roberts: She loves Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Julia Roberts dazzles in the street in New York. On the photo, she's wearing black dress, black jacket and black booties. Julia accessorized with a brown python skin clutch and Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses ($ 129). Oh yeah, Julia Roberts has always a great style!
Celebrity style: Ray-Ban Sunglasses, the style of Julia Roberts

Celebrity hairstyle: Julia Roberts' hairstyle

Congratulation to the Julia Roberts hairdresser! The 80’s ripples are not fashion anymore. Julia Roberts looks much better with smooth hair. What do you think about her hairstyle?
Celebrity hairstyle: Julia Roberts hairstyle

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