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Celebrity diet
“Britney Spears”

Britney Spears: Diet to lose 15 pounds fast! Celebrity diet, Cellulite, Exercises and Beauty tips.

Weight: 122 lbs (55 kg)
Height: 5 ft 4.25 in (1,63 meters)
Age: 42 years old (1981/12/02)
Place of birth: McComb, Mississippi,USA.

Britney Spears is a pop singer. She has finally returned to her ideal body weight. She has needed 6 months of diet to lose 15 pounds. Discover now her fast diet and secret beauty tips. Before starting a diet, please consult your doctor or nutritionist:
Celebrity diet: Britney Spears Celebrity diet: Britney Spears
Celebrity diet: Britney Spears

Britney Spears: Celebrity diet for Weight Loss

Britney Spears has also drastically changed her diet habits. She eats between 1100 and 1200 calories a day. She eats 5 meals a day spread like this: 3 meals (eating various weight loss foods like chicken, salmon, rice, and avocados), and 2 snacks (cheese and nuts) including having white eggs for breakfast and sometimes turkey burgers for lunch.
Celebrity style: Britney Spears  

In addition, to recover her strong legs and thighs, Britney Spears stopped eating junk foods, avoided Starbucks Frappuccinos (which contained 400 calories each), and Red Bull which, like other sugary drinks disrupts the blood sugar levels and increases the hunger.

To curb her sugar cravings, Britney Spears eat low-fat yogurt or have a sugar free Popsicle.
Britney Spears allows her 1 cheat day a week where she can eat bad foods like hamburgers, ice creams and other food that make fat. She limited herself to only 3 cheat meals on her cheat day.
Celebrity diet: Britney Spears

Britney Spears: Celebrity exercises for Weight Loss

Britney Spears works out 5 days a week. The daily exercises of Britney include 2 hours work out with a personal trainer by spending 45 to 60 minutes on a treadmill, cardio and strength in the gym. Britney also does body sculpting exercises and dancing choreography.
It's been rumored she does 600 to 1000 sit-ups a day which is highly unnecessary to get sexier abs, but it's a good abdominal workout to get faster results.

It's also important to note that Britney Spears has also a very active lifestyle that includes plenty of dance rehearsals plus concerts.
Celebrity exercises: Britney Spears
Celebrity exercises: Britney Spears Fitness Celebrity exercises: Britney Spears
Celebrity exercises: Britney Spears Fitness

Celebrity diet: Britney Spears overweight

Britney Spears was overweight before her diet. She was desperate. She has been seen in all her facets: Britney Spears wih hair shaved, addicted to certain substances, pregnant twice and with a little mental imbalance. Nobody would have bet on her ... Now she's great!
Celebrity diet: Britney Spears overweight

Celebrity cellulite: Britney Spears with cellulite!

Hey Britney Spears, don't run so fast. We can see some bumps in your thighs. It's cellulite, isn't it? All women have cellulite, Britney also. See these pictures:
Celebrity cellulite: Britney Spears cellulite

Exclusive: Kevin Federline overweight

Kevin Federline, the ex boyfriend of Britney spears, has gained overweight recently.
Kevin Federline from attractive dancer to great golfer. Kevin Federline now and before:
Kevin Federline overweight: The unbalanced diet is not the best way to lose weight Kevin Federline: French fries and Coke, a lot of calories and extra pounds...
Celebrity diet: Kevin Federline overweight

Kevin Federline with his current girlfriend, the volleyball player Victoria Prince. Already living together at his home in California:
Celebrities: Kevin Federline and Victoria Prince

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