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Celebrity diet:
“The Beverly Hills Diet”

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Detox diet eating fruits during 3 weeks to lose 40 lbs.

The aim of the Beverly Hills Diet is the detoxification of the body. You must eat the indicated fruits, and let pass two hours between each ingestion.

Diet duration: 3 weeks.
Weight loss: 14 lbs per week (40 lbs in 3 weeks).

The secret of the efficiency of this diet is the pineapple, melon and pear, because they contain enzymes that digest the excess of proteins and allow you to burn the body fat. Don't eat lemon, because it has a neutralizing effect.

Week 1 of the Beverly Hills diet:

• Monday: Breakfast and lunch, pineapple. For dinner, 2 bananas.
• Tuesday: Breakfast and lunch, pear or melon. For dinner, mango or melon.
• Wednesday: Breakfast, pear or melon; For lunch and dinner, pineapple.
• Thursday: Breakfast, lunch and dinner, melon, watermelon or strawberries.
• Friday: Breakfast, 2 bananas; For lunch dry apricots (85 oz, 250 grs); For dinner, grapes.
• Saturday: Breakfast, almonds (85 oz, 250 grs). For lunch, strawberries; For dinner 2 bananas.
• Sunday: Breakfast, lunch and dinner: melon or apple.

Week 2 of the Beverly Hills diet:

The aim of the second week is to burn fat. Eat the indicated fruits and leave two hours between each ingestion. You have to include more elaborated meals only in the moment that is indicated. Now, the secret of the diet is due to the enzymes of the grapes that interact with those of the large intestine to clean it. In addition, the diet includes brown sugar, that avoid the temptation of eating sweets.

• Monday: Breakfast, almonds (85 oz, 250 grs); Lunch, strawberries; Dinner, grapes (85 oz, 250 grs).
• Tuesday: grapes during all meals.
• Wednesday: grapes during all meals.
• Thursday: Breakfast, whole-meal bread (70 oz, 200 grs); Lunch, vegetable soup; Dinner, 2 apples.
• Friday: Pineapple for breakfast and lunch; For dinner salad with vegetables and rice.
• Saturday: apples for breakfast and lunch; For dinner roasted potatoes with 2 spoonfuls of butter.
• Sunday: Mango and melon during all meals.

Week 3 of the Beverly Hills diet:

The objective is to maintain the weight loss process thanks to 3 steps: burn fat, get energy and detox. You must repeat the second week diet but replacing the days in which you only were eating grapes for fruits of your choice in the breakfast and lunch; and a dish of vegetables and non-fat meat during the night.

Before starting a diet, please consult your nutritionist, she help you lose weight in good health.


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Diet Menu Plans

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