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Celebrity diet
“Paris Hilton”

Paris Hilton: Diet to Lose Weight. Weight Loss Diet. Celebrity diet, Exercises, Style & Beauty secrets!

Weight: 114 lbs (52 kg)
Height: 5 ft 8 in (1,73 meters)
Age: 42 years old (1981/02/17)
Place of birth: New York City, USA.

Paris Hilton, is the most famous celebrity and gossip girl. Actress, singer and Queen of the clubs. She's pretty, rich and famous... Discover the celebrity diet of the fashion blonde from Hollywood:
Celebrity diet: Paris Hilton Celebrity diet: Paris Hilton with dog
Celebrity diet: Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton: Celebrity diet for Weight Loss

How Paris Hilton stays in is ideal body weight? The famous celebrity reveals her celebrity diet to lose weight and reduce waist. Following the Paris Hilton's Diet:
Celebrity diet: Paris Hilton

Celebrity diet: Paris Hilton's diet to lose weight

Paris Hilton's secret diet: "I eat everything in small portion, and with moderation. And above all, I include green leaves in all the meals!"

When Paris Hilton needs to lose weight, the heiress decreases the consumption of ice creams and hamburgers, and follows the "green leaves" diet (lettuce, cabbage, spinach...), that promotes satiety, cleanses the body and makes an ultra-flat belly. You got it Paris! She also eats food in its purest form: organic fruit and vegetables! They cost more but if you can afford it then its definitely something you should look into. The less processed the better. Before starting a diet, please consult your nutritionist.

Paris Hilton favorite meal: "I love eat McDonald’s and Taco Bell". But the party girl has a secret: "I just eat a few" she says, so she never feels deprived. Clever!

Paris Hilton favorite drink: "I hate the taste of alcohol. When I'm going to party, I'm drinking Red Bull" Paris Hilton says.

$65 for weight loss...
This is the cost of a session of BodySculptor for Paris Hilton. Lying on a massage table, the machine BodySculptor diffuses to Paris Hilton a low-frequency electric shocks to stimulate the release and removal of fat.

Paris Hilton is 100% Aquarius. And for that reason she likes being the center of attention, especially for being the girl of the party.
Celebrity diet: Paris Hilton dancing

Paris Hilton: Celebrity exercises for Weight Loss and burn fat having fun!

The favorite sport of Paris Hilton is surfing. It's great: besides having fun and tan your body, you can lose up to 600 calories per hour! She also practices aerobics 2 times a week at home with a personal trainer:
Celebrity exercises: Paris Hilton surf

Paris Hilton extra exercise for weight loss: Singing and dancing in the most fashionable clubs. Dancing and singing in nightclubs, night after night, is good to get full energy and burn between 1,000 and 2,000 calories in only one night!
Celebrity exercises: Paris Hilton

Beauty tips: Learn how to pose for photo shoots as Paris Hilton!

Do you want to be cute in photos? Paris Hilton makes you discover her best beauty secret to pose in photo shoots, by Paris Hilton.

Cocks your head and smiles. Better without showing the gums. Convey happiness.
Cocks your hip. It's also important to know which is your best profile and show it to the camera.
One foot before the other. The optical effect you will get: your legs will look thinner and you taller.
Belly inside. In the area of the belly. In Addition, push your head forward.
Be always perfect. At any time a paparazzi can shoot you a photo. Be impeccable every time.

Paris Hilton knows the perfect pose to be pretty in photos. The effects of a good posture are evident in these 2 photos of Paris Hilton:
Celebrity style: Paris Hilton

Celebrity style: Paris Hilton's style is Fashion!

Paris Hilton has the fashion style most copied this season:
Celebrity style: Paris Hilton's style
We absolutely adore the Paris Hilton style. She's great!
Celebrity style: Paris Hilton's style

Celebrity Handbags: Paris Hilton loves Brand and Fashion Handbags!

Paris Hilton loves brand handbags. Flexible and creativity are notes for Paris Hilton style handbags. She is frequently spotted carrying handbags by Fendi, Balenciaga, Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Prada. For clubbing, she would pair a patent Fendi black handbag with a white satin belted dress, giving off a great impression. To make a sports outfit cute and girly, she would take a Louis Vuitton cherry handbag:
Celebrity Handbags: Paris Hilton handbags

Paris Hilton is fashion. She loves bling-bling style. As a cheeky and high-profiled personality, Paris Hilton style handbags are always blazing. She likes gold, silver, diamond and metallic handbags to complete her hip-hop outfits. Have a look at her collection of Paris Hilton style handbags.Celebrity Handbags: Paris Hilton handbags

Paris Hilton use for shopping Fendi handbags and designer brands. In the photos, handbags by Samantha Thavasa.
Celebrity Handbags: Paris Hilton handbags

Paris Hilton last favorite handbag : golden handbag by B-Low the Belt Belle Bag ($285)
Celebrity Handbags: Paris Hilton handbags

Celebrity makeup: Paris Hilton without makeup

Paris Hilton without makeup. Now we understand why some makeup artists receive the money that they charge. On the street, celebrities they are... normal girls:
Celebrity makeup: Paris Hilton without makeup

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