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Celebrity diet
“Queen Elyzabeth II of England”

Queen Elyzabeth II: Detox Diet for Weight Loss. Celebrity diet to Lose Weight and Celebrity Style !

Weight: 135 lbs (61 kg)
Height: 5 ft 1.4 in (1,56 meters)

Age: 96 years old (1926/04/21)
Place of birth: Mayfair, London.

Queen Elyzabeth II of England, also called the Queen, is one of the most powerful and rich women in the world. Always active and elegant, the Queen of England follows a detox diet to lose weight and maintain her figure.

Queen Elyzabeth II of England is married to Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.
Celebrity diet: Queen Elyzabeth II Celebrity diet: Queen Elyzabeth II of England
Signature of Queen Elyzabeth II
Celebrity diet: Queen Elyzabeth II

Celebrity diet: The Queen Elyzabeth II's detox diet

The secret of Queen Elysabeth II for weight loss: detox diet. Before starting a diet, please consult your doctor or nutritionist.

Every day, Queen Elyzabeth II eats 2 spoonfuls of olive oil before going to bed to stimulate her liver and help detox the body. Thus, her liver removes toxins accumulated in the day, and favours the regeneration of her skin during the night! In addition, she drinks daily several cups of tea that helps to eliminate more toxins.

In general,Queen Elyzabeth II eats small portions of food, avoiding processed and refineds carbohydrates (pasta, white rice).

Celebrity style: Queen England Elyzabeth II's Style

Queen Elyzabeth II loves hats and dresses (any colors), especially pale colors. The Queen uses shoes size 37. In the picture, the French designer Roger Vivier giving her a copy of the shoes she wore during her coronation.

Queen Elyzabeth II the day of her coronation:
Celebrity style: Queen of England Elyzabeth II's Style

Girls, remember: everyone can be a Queen: Queen of a dinner, Queen of a party... no need to be part of the royalty to feel like a Queen!

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