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Celebrity diets - famous diets

Celebrity diets, more than 200 celebrity diets: Angelina Jolie, Gossip Girl, Beyoncé, Megan Fox and more!

Celebrity diet: Celebrity diets. Weight Loss
Discover the most famous diet used by Hollywood's Celebrities. More than 400 gossip diets for free. All celebrity weight diet secrets and more celebrity diet secrets...
Discover now the Celebrity Diet Secrets

Cellulite Diet, detox diet to reduce cellulite (2 day diet).

Celebrity diet: Cellulite diet. Detox diet to reduce cellulite
The Cellulite Diet will help you to remove cellulite in 2 days. Cellulite affects specially women with overweight, but generally every woman suffers cellulite due to hormonal and genetic factors. Discover the celebrity diet for cellulite ...
Learn more about the cellulite diet

Model diet, more than 100 model diets: Kate Moss, Adriana Lima, Gisele Bundchen, and more top models

Celebrity diet: Model diet. Weight Loss
Celebrities and models diet to lose weight. Model pictures and celebrities. Celebrity diet secrets for weight loss and model style. All about the model diet: diet, weight loss diet, exercises and celebrity diet...
Discover now the model diet secrets

Hollywood diet, actresses and Hollywood stars: Jennifer Aniston, Lindsay Lohan, and more actresses

Celebrity diet: Hollywood diet. Celebrity diet. Weight Loss
Get the Celebrity Hollywood diet plan today. Celebrity diet for weight loss. Discover Hollywood actresses beauty tips, exercises and weight loss. Celebrities and Hollywood diet to lose weight.
Discover now the hollywood diet secrets

Gossip diet, all about celebrities diet: Michelle Obama, Victoria Beckham, Queen Elyzabeth of England...

Celebrity diet: Gossip diet. Weight Loss.
Discover the most famous gossip diet used by celebrities. More than 100 gossip diets for free. All celebrity weight diet secrets and more...
Discover now the gossip diet

Singer diet, all about singer diet: Miley Cyrus, Beyoncé, Madonna and more celebrities. Celebrity diet.

Celebrity diet: Singer diet. Weight Loss
Discover the singers diet, beauty tips, exercises and weight loss. Celebrities and singer diet to lose weight. Celebrity pictures and celebrities. Celebrity Hollywood diet secrets for weight loss and celebrity style.
Discover now the singer diet

Beverly Hills Diet, detox diet to lose 40 lbs eating fruits during 3 weeks. Celebrity diet.

Celebrity diet: Beverly Hills Diet. Diet followed by Hollywood Celebrities
The aim of the Beverly Hills Diet is the detoxification of the body. The secret of the efficiency of this diet is the pineapple, melon and pear, because they burn the body fat...
Learn more about the beverly hills diet

Atkins Diet, celebrity diet since 1970 to lose 8 lbs in one week without eating carbohydrates.

Celebrity diet: Atkins diet. The most famous celebrity diet in Hollywood !
The Atkins diet is characterized by eating all the food you want as proteins and fat (meat, fish, egg), but without carbohydrates (rice, pasta). Diet duration: 1 month. Weight loss: 4 to 8 lbs the first week. Celebrity diet to lose weight...
Lear more about the atkins diet

Miami Diet, diet of the famous Miami Heart Institute for losing 8 lbs in 3 days. Celebrities diet.

Celebrity diet: Miami Diet. Miami Heart Institute
The Miami Diet was created by the famous Miami Heart Institute. The Miami diet is based on the chemical decomposition of the food. Celebrity diet.
Weight loss: up to 8 lbs in 3 days...
Learn more about the diet of the miami heart institute

Blood Type Diet, diet from the doctor D'Adamo to lose 6 lbs per month. Diet based in blood type (O, A, B, AB)

Celebrity diet: Peter D'Adamo. Blood type diet O, A, B, AB
The Blood Type Diet or D'Adamo Diet, consists of a specific diet according to the blood group (O, A, B, AB) of every person. Many celebrities lose weight and improve his health with the following Blood Type Diet.
Diet duration: unlimited. Weight loss: 6 lbs/ month
Learn more about the blood type diet

Macrobiotic Diet: Madonna, Julia Roberts and Gwyneth Paltrow use this vegetarian diet. Celebrity diet.

Celebrity diet: Madonna. Macrobiotic diet for weight loss
The Macrobiotic Diet is followed by celebrities and Hollywood's Stars to lose weight to lose 6 lbs per week. This diet is born in Japan. The macrobiotic diet makes weight loss but also is very healthy for the organism to fight illness and mind...
Learn more about the macrobiotic diet

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