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Celebrity diet
“Lady Gaga”

Lady Gaga: Easy Diet for Weight Loss. Celebrity diet, Exercises, Style & Beauty secrets!

Weight: 99 lbs (45 kg)
Height: 5 ft 1 in (1,55 meters)
Age: 38 years old (1986/03/28)
Place of birth: New York City, USA.

Lady Gaga, is a singer of electronic pop and dance, and an ultra fashion victim! She has an extravagant style and a healthy silhouette. Lady Gaga is the new muse of Madonna. Discover now her easy diet for weight loss and beauty tips!
Celebrity diet: Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga: Celebrity diet for Weight Loss

Lady Gaga confesses to have an easy diet plan to follow: it's an easy diet and not restrictive. The singer eats everything in small quantities and prior organic foods "is more expensive but a worth for health," says Lady Gaga.

In addition, Lady Gaga drinks a lot of water, and when she's not on tour. When she is on tour, she can increase her consumption of high calorie drinks because, nothing happens, I lose a lot of calories dancing!"

Standard menu of Lady Gaga, from an interview with the singer:
• Breakfast: 1 sandwich with wholemeal bread, ham and sprouts + 2 medium carrots raw + 1 green apple + 1 green tea.
• Mid-morning: 1 proteins bar
• Lunch: salad (70 oz, 200 grs) + 2 slices of smoked salmon + fresh cheese + 1 kiwi.
• Dinner: 1 dish of vegetables soup + salad with lettuce and tomato + 1 glass of wine.
• Before going to bed: 1 pear.

Lady Gaga favorite food: "I love black chocolate. Every day I eat several pieces. I am also fan of the Japanese and Thai cuisine."
Celebrity diet: Lady Gaga style

Lady Gaga: Celebrity Exercises for Weight Loss

The controversial singer Lady Gaga has confessed that the only exercise that she does is singing and dancing on Tour. This activity burns around 1,000 calories per night!. Nobody knows any other hobby nor exercise to the singer.
Celebrity exercises: Lady Gaga

Celebrity Style: Lady Gaga's Extravagant and fashion!

The singer Lady Gaga has an extravagant style, that mixes post-modern electro and rock style that defies all stereotypes. The singer says that "Dress me is like disguise me, I love it and I have fun".
Celebrity style: Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga is a fan of the most irreverent style. Since she was a kid, she loves to mix the latest in fashion apparel with accessories from New York outlets:
Celebrity style: Lady Gaga
The favorites colors of Lady Gaga: white, red and black:
Celebrity style: Lady Gaga

Celebrity Busted: Lady Gaga in the College!

Lady Gaga, was born in a rich family in New York, she went to a private school in the city. Prior to be the exuberant singer we know, she was a normal girl...
Celebrity busted: Lady Gaga

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