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Celebrity Diet
“Eva Longoria”

Eva Longoria: Diet for weight loss & Cellulite. Celebrity diet, Exercises, Style & Beauty tips!

Weight: 95 lbs (43 kg)
Height: 5 ft 0.25 in (1,53 meters)
Age: 49 years old (1975/03/15)
Place of birth: Corpus Christi, Texas, USA.

Eva Longoria is an actress and ex model. She has been successful in the serie Desperate Housewives.  This Texan with Mexican origins is pure kindness and happiness. The actress has her ideal body weight. Discover her balanced diet to lose weight.

On the pictures, Eva Longoria with a blue ice dress from Versace Atelier, accompanied by her former husband, the NBA basket player Tony Parker:

Celebrity diet: Eva Longoria Celebrity diet: Eva Longoria and Tony Parker
Celebrity diet: Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria: Celebrity diet for Weight Loss

Eva Longoria hates diets. However a so carved silhouette has to be worked with healthy habits of life and a lot of sport. What are you waiting for knowing her celebrity diet?
Celebrity diet: Eva Longoria style

Celebrity diet: Eva Longoria's diet for weight loss

Eva Longoria has a diet based on the consumption of whole meal aliments. Let completely aside the saturated fats (sausages, cheeses, fat and butter). In addition eliminate from your diet the carbohydrates (pasta, bread, rice, chocolate, sweets), which, consumed in excess, stimulate insulin secretion and increase the body fat.

Now we better understand how this little piece of woman has a so ideal body weight and is full of energy. But Eva Longoria has also cellulite.Girls, we are not the only ones, celebrities also have cellulite! It's true, you need a magnifying glass to find the cellulite of Eva Longoria. We do not want to criticize for criticizing, only check that the most beautiful women also suffer cellulite.

Her favorite food: "I love chicken breast, salads, and strawberry yogurts."

Should I follow the Eva Longoria diet or not? According to our experts: "The diet of Eva Longoria is healthy. Avoiding the carbohydrates allows to lose weight and prevent cardio-vascular disease. “Whole meal aliments are less present in the organism than the refined sugars. Before starting a diet, please consult your doctor or nutritionist.
Celebrity diet: Eva Longoria Celebrity diet: Eva Longoria
Celebrity diet: Eva Longoria

Celebrity exercises for Weight Loss: Eva Longoria

Very few actresses began her career with an ideal body weight, but they have the determination to keep it for the rest of their career in Hollywood and all their lives.

The secret of Eva Longoria for a healthy body? To work very hard the abdominals and the thighs with her personal trainer (weights and cardiovascular exercises).

Eva Longoria also does yoga, bicycle and horse riding. She also practices sport in the serie Desperate Housewives (left picture).
Celebrity exercises for Weight Loss: Eva Longoria Celebrity exercises for Weight Loss: Eva Longoria
Celebrity exercises for Weight Loss: Eva Longoria

In addition, Eva Longoria plays golf and walks fast 45 minutes each day before breakfast:
Celebrity exercises: Eva Longoria golf Celebrity exercises: Eva Longoria Celebrity exercises: Eva Longoria
Celebrity exercises: Eva Longoria

Celebrity hairstyle: Eva Longoria beauty secrets

Sublime ripples, celebrity lips, tempting tan are Eva Longoria’s beauty secrets. Eva Longoria makes you discover her best beauty secret, by Eva Longoria:

Sublime ripples
Eva Longoria promotes the ripples, so currently fashion. Her ally is the Mask Sublimes Ripples from L’Oreal Paris, with a cream formula with glycerin moisturizing who brings brightness and elasticity.
Celebrity hairstyle: Eva Longoria hairstyle

Celebrity lips
Eva Longoria prefers to highlight her mouth with a natural rose, and for this reason, she chooses colors for dark-skinned Color Riche Accords Naturals Lip Brush, the first range of lips that gives you healthy as if it were a blusher.

Tempting tan
To highlight the skin tone, Eva Longoria takes no risks and use Sun Duo Dust from Glam Bronze, able to achieve an ultra natural tan.

Celebrity style: Eva Longoria's style: urban style!

Pretty, rich and famous... Eva Longoria is happiest than ever. A full of freshness to assist to Hollywood events. Red is her favorite color. We love the actress' style:
Celebrity style: Eva Longoria

Celebrities have always a jean to dress with style: the Hit of the season!
Celebrity style: Eva Longoria
Celebrity style: Eva Longoria street style

Celebrity busted: Eva Longoria with no make-up

Celebrities don't need to be perfect, they can use a professional make-up artist and, if it's not enough, the wonderful software Photoshop can move wrinkles, spots, and more.
Celebrity busted: Eva Longoria with no makeup

On the left picture, Eva Longoria seems to be “desperate”, ready to eat a salad in a plastic dish. In the other picture, always happy in advertising campaigns:
Celebrity busted: Eva Longoria with no makeup

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