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Healthy diet & Balanced diet:
“The Japanese Diet”

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Japanese Diet: lose 2 lbs per week eating sushi’s and rice!

The Japanese Diet consists to eat soy, rice, algae, fish, vegetables and drink tea. The Japanese Diet is a healthier diet than the Western diet, due to the lower amount of animal fat and proteins.

The Japanese Diet includes a large quantity of fresh products, which provides a very balanced diet. Japanese live very old, a high longevity with a good health!

The Japanese Diet has the ideal distribution of calories:
63% carbohydrates, 25% fat, 12% proteins.

Weight loss: 2 lbs per week up to reaching your ideal weight. Later body weight control.
Japanese diet duration: unlimited.

Following we offer you a diet plan of the Japanese diet with healthy and tasty menus, abundant in fiber, vitamins and proteins.

The Japanese Diet Plan to lose 2 lbs per week:

1 slice of rye bread, fresh cheese, miso soup, 1 orange and green tea.

1 bowl of mushrooms and pasta.
1 portion of sushi (raw fish with rice) with soy sauce and wasabi (Japanese mustard)
1 apple.
1 cup of green tea.

Assortment of sashimi (raw fish) with soy sauce and wasabi.
1 bowl of brown rice.
1 bowl of cucumber.
1 orange.
1 cup of green tea.

Main characteristics of the Japanese diet

• Japanese eat mainly rice, raw fish, steam fish, algae, vegetables and soy.
• Green tea (the most common in Japan). The green tea is a very rich antioxidants drink.
• Very few desserts. They use green tea instead of sugar or chocolate.
• Japanese eat small amounts of many foods. They use small color dishes.
• They eat a large variety of food (up to 30 different food every day).
• The traditional Japanese breakfast is similar to lunch. It includes fish, rice, miso soup and vegetables.
• They eat seasonal fresh food. Almost they never consume prepared products.
• They don't cook with butter. Oil is only used in small quantities to condiment vegetables.
• They don't eat bread.
• Japanese walk a lot and use bicycle each day.

Featured food in the Japanese Diet

• Blue fish: important source of healthy fat (omega 3).
• Rice: slow absorption carbohydrate.
• Soy and tofu: powerful antioxidant, reduce the "bad" cholesterol and helps to control the diabetes
• Green tea: powerful antioxidant.
• Algae: full of minerals and calcium.

Benefits of the Japanese diet

The Japanese Diet is a very healthy diet. Japanese stand out for their longevity thanks to their way of eating. It's a rich diet in slow absorption carbohydrates (rice, pasta), fish, vegetables and practically nothing with fat nor sugar.

Disadvantages of the Japanese diet

The raw fish must be very fresh and previously frozen to eliminate bacteria’s.
Japanese eat a lot of salt, mainly in sauces.

Before starting a diet, please consult your nutritionist, she help you lose weight in good health.


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Diet Menu Plans

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