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Celebrity Diet
“Gossip Girl ”

Celebrity Diet & Style of the "Gossip Girl" actresses: Blake Lively,Taylor Momsen, Leighton Meester

Gossip Girl is the fashion youth series in which we spy the daily routine of a group of students from upper class of the Upper East Side of New York. Festivals, rivalries, love, breaks and a life that few can train. Now discover the diets of the funniest and sexiest actresses on TV. What are you waiting for knowing their celebrity diets?

Gossip Girl are young (and chic) people from Manhattan. It's the series that create trends.
Celebrity diet: Gossip Girl

Celebrity diet: Gossip Girl actresses'diets

What is the secret of the actresses of Gossip Girl to have a so delicately healthy body? The protagonists reveal us their celebrity tips for weight loss.
Celebrity diet: Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl: Secret diet of Serena (Blake Lively)

Who is Serena? The absolute protagonist of Gossip Girl became angelic since she left her past with troubles. Her relationship with her boyfriend is a "I want but I can’t".

The secret of Blake Lively: the Macrobiotic Diet (strict diet)
Blake Lively has always had a perfect body. It is particularly due to Pilates and yoga, two disciplines that bring strength and daily well-being. In addition, Blake Lively follows since several years the Macrobiotic Diet (strict diet without caffeine, alcohol, meat, fish and eggs). Diet based on Japanese philosophy. It's a strict diet that works fantastically with her! Before following this diet, please consult your doctor or nutritionist.
Gossip Girl: Black Lively - Serena

Gossip Girl: The secret diet of Blair (Leighton Meester)

Who is Blair? She is capricious, self-centred, and able of anything to reach want she wants. She is the best friend of Serena. She starts a relationship with an English Lord that hides many secrets.

The secret of Leighton Meester: eat small portions every 3 hours.
Thus, Leighton Meester multiplies the digest that makes increase the number of burned calories. In fact, she doesn't have hungry, the metabolism burns fat and not muscle. Leighton Meester is one of the most beautiful girls in the series, and will remain young for a long time.
Celebrity diet: Gossip Girl - Leighton Meester - Blair

Gossip Girl: The secret diet of Jenny (Taylor Momsen)

Who is Jenny? The youngest of the Group and sister of Dan (Serena boyfriend), she promises as a designer. In the new chapters, more mature and confident, she decides to leave everything and to create her own brand, fact that will face her to her father.

The secret of Taylor Momsen: sleep a lot and Japanese cuisine!
For Taylor Momsen, "to sleep a lot is a necessity: if I don’t sleep, I don’t work. I don't like to go out by night, I don't drink alcohol and I love to do a Spanish siesta," confesses the actress. Taylor Momsen is addicted to Japanese cuisine (her friends ensure that she prepares excellent vegetarian hamburgers). She drinks two litres of water per day and takes no coffee. She loves: Coke and chocolate.
Celebrity diet: Gossip Girl - Taylor Momsen - Jenny Celebrity diet: Gossip Girl - Taylor Momsen - Jenny
Celebrity diet: Gossip Girl - Taylor Momsen - Jenny

Gossip Girl boys: review of the handsome actors

Gossip Girl boys, from the left to the right:
Gossip Girl boysDan, the good guy of the series, is coming from a humble family and must strive harder to achieve his dreams. He becomes a playboy after his breakup with Serena.

Nate, the best friend of chuck and ex of Blair, has seen his life truncated: her father has been imprisoned for fraud and they have lost all. He complicates his life starting a relationship with a married woman.

Chuck, played by Ed Westwick, is the revelation actor of the series. His role, as bad guy outside and traumatized inside, likes. His relationship with Blair is "I want and I can’t". He is very jealous. Will they end together?

Gossip Girl's style: The perfect Style of Blake Lively

The blonde Gossip Girl, Serena, walking on the streets of New York with this powdered Blue Coat with gold buttons, boots over the knee, point dress and grey bag. And don’t let us forget the gloves! The celebrity style is perfect with socks. Perfect style for Blake Lively!
Celebrity style: Blake Lively: Gossip GirlCelebrity style: Blake Lively: Gossip Girl
Celebrity style: Blake Lively: Gossip Girl

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