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Celebrity Diet
“Ashley Tisdale”

Ashley Tisdale: Balanced diet for Weight Loss. Celebrity diet, Exercises, Style & Beauty tips !

Weight: 108 lbs (49 kg)
Height: 5 ft 3 in (1,60 meters)
Age: 37 years old (1985/07/02)
Place of birth: West Deal, New Jersey, USA.

Ashley Tisdale
, is an actress and singer from the Disney's series High School Musical. Ashley Tisdale with a mini strapless dress from Roberto Cavalli. Discover her diet now:
Celebrity diet: Ashley Tisdale

Celebrity diet: Ashley Tisdale's diet for Weight Loss

Ashley Tisdale is a faithful follower of the balanced diet. The diet consists on eating 5 times per day in very small portions. Ashley Tisdale has always been slim with a healthy life.
Celebrity diet: Ashley Tisdale

Ashley Tisdale: Balanced diet for Weight Loss

Her secret: a balanced diet and practice a lot of sport.

Ashley Tisdale varied diet consists on eating 5 times per day in very small portions, and never commit excesses. Due to her youth, the actress says that she is not too much worried about her diet. She is slim, but she think that "a girl with curves is much more attractive."

Her dietician has prohibited her to eat carbs (pasta) after 3 pm. The actress balances the intake of food with the level of activity. If I have a day physically very active, I can eat a little bit more. During lunch eat proteins (for example fish). It is the energy of the muscles, and by consequence you don’t feel hunger.

In addition, don’t cook any fried food, just use a little bit of butter or oil.

Her favourite lunch: "I love donuts. But I have to control myself: only 1 per day”.

Should I follow the balanced diet or not? According to our experts: "The balanced diet meets all the recommendations of the OMS. Find the loss of weight and health through the balanced and healthy diet. Before starting a diet, please consult your doctor or nutritionist".
Celebrity diet: Ashley Tisdale

Ashley Tisdale: Celebrity exercises for Weight Loss

Ashley Tisdale, the star of High School Musical, confesses in the "Shape" magazine that she does a lot of cardio and light weights to strength her body.
Ashley Tisdale has a programme of 4 days per week, designed by a personal trainer. Her long sessions consist on 30 minutes on the elliptical machine, 30 minutes of weight training to gain volume and 30 minutes of core exercises. For her arms and shoulders, Ashley Tisdale does push ups exercises. For her legs, she runs at the gym with her trainer and climb stairs every day.

Ashley Tisdale really enjoys cardio, especially running stairs with a medicine ball. ¡¡For this reason she has strong legs!! In the picture, Ashley Tisdale with her friend Vanessa Hudgens:
Celebrity exercise: Ashley TisdaleCelebrity exercise: Ashley Tisdale
Celebrity exercise: Ashley Tisdale

Ashley Tisdale talks to us about how she feeling insecure during photo shoots: "I’m not so confident during photo shoots, especially with a lot of people around me. That just weird for me. I think everyone has those days where you don’t feel good and you don’t look good."

Beauty tips: Ashley Tisdale's beauty secrets for legs

Ashley Tisdale confesses that her legs are her most proud and favourite body part: "I love my legs because I have very long skinny legs. When I wear shoes with heels or shorts they look like they are a mile long. I am always wearing skirts or shorts because I like my legs. They are in good shape". Ashley Tisdale makes you discover her beauty secret to have pretty legs:Beautiful legs: The Beauty Secret of Ashley Tisdale

Ashley Tisdale says that the legs are grateful. With a minimum of care, the legs look more slender, healthier and more beautiful. It's just a question of diet, exercises and good tips, by Ashley Tisdale.

Care, moisturize and exfoliate the skin every day in order to avoid lizard skin.
• Follow a healthy diet and avoid to abuse coffee and coca-cola.
• Drink a lot of water. More than 8 glasses per day.
• Avoid to wear shoes with excessive heel and tight clothing (responsible of the liquid retention and cellulites)
Varicose veins. Take vitamin C and walk 1 hour per day.
• Use specific cosmetic to reduce the volume and avoid the accumulation of fat.
Sport. To facilitate the venous return and delete varicose veins.
Massages. Your legs will be happy!
Hair removal. For a more attractive legs appearance (at least every 15 days).
• Need to know that the contraceptive pills sometimes swell legs and ankles.

Ashley Tisdale meets all the requirements for having beautiful legs: non-fat knees, legs without to much muscle, and a slim ankle, but without excesses.

Celebrity style: Ashley Tisdale's style

We love the Ashley Tisdale’s lolita style . She takes advantage of her slimness with mini-dresses. The must of this season: the hose, combined with another must for this winter: evident blue stockings.
Celebrity style: Ashley Tisdale

Heels: The preferred complement of Ashley Tisdale and celebrities to shine legs:
Celebrity style: Ashley Tisdale

Celebrity Handbags: Ashley Tisdale's style. "I love Louis Vuitton Handbags"

Ashley Tisdale loves Louis Vuitton handbags and complements. On the picture, with her preferred one: Speedy bag by Louis Vuitton.
Celebrity handbags: Celebrity style: Ashley Tisdale

In the picture, Ashley Tisdale with a Louis Vuitton Multipli-cité Bag $1.330 LV Monogram Denim Shawl and $ 380 walk around Beverly Hills. We find this bag is very rigid...
Celebrity handbags: Ashley Tisdale in Louis VuittonCelebrity style: Ashley Tisdale in Louis Vuitton
Celebrity handbags: Ashley Tisdale in Louis Vuitton
Celebrity handbags: Ashley Tisdale

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