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Celebrity diet
“Queen Letizia Ortiz”

Queen Letizia Ortiz: Healthy strict diet. Weight Loss. Celebrity diet, Exercises, Style and Beauty secrets!

Weight: 112 lbs (51 kg)
Height: 5 ft 1 in (1,61 meters)

Age: 51 years old (1972/09/15)
Place of birth: Oviedo, Spain.

Queen Letizia Ortiz of Spain (Princess of Asturias), was a presenter of TV divorced from a teacher Institute, and now she's the future Queen of Spain. She earns $10 million per year from being part of the Royal family. Always elegant, Queen Letizia follows a healthy strict diet to lose weight and keep her silhouette in good shape.

In the picture, Queen Letizia Ortiz accompanied by her husband Prince Felipe de Borbón. They met at a dinner. They were going out in secret for 2 years:
Celebrity diet: Queen Letizia OrtizFamous princess: Queen Letizia Ortiz and Prince Felipe de Borbón
Celebrity diet: Queen Letizia Ortiz

Celebrity diet: Queen Letizia Ortiz' strict diet

The secret diet for weight loss of Queen Letizia: healthy strict diet. Before starting a diet, please consult your doctor or nutritionist.

Queen Letizia uses size S. To stay thin, the Queen follows a healthy strict diet and practice few exercise (sailing, tennis, horse riding, skiing). She is a person naturally thin, and doesn't have tendency to increase weight.

Queen Letizia Ortiz eats a lot of watery vegetables, like celery, but avoid gas-producing ones like broccoli and cauliflower. Her diet includes watery veggies and fruits like lettuce, celery, cucumbers, watermelon, melon, oranges, and grapes, which help banish bloat by flushing out the body.

Queen Letizia Ortiz avoids white carbs like bread, pasta, cookies and rice. These foods are high in sugar, which means your body burns off the sugar first rather than the stored fat. Her weakness? chocolate.

Letizia Ortiz of Spain with her 2 daughters, Leonor and Sofía. Letizia is a name from a mythological goddess: it means "brings joy" in Latin:
Celebrity diet: Queen Letizia Ortiz Celebrity diet: Queen Letizia Ortiz with Leonor and Sofía
Celebrity diet: Queen Letizia Ortiz

Celebrity shoes: Queen Letizia Ortiz's High Heels!

Queen Letizia Ortiz' style always includes high heel, platform shoes or peep toe. This is her secret style to be taller and reach the tall Prince Felipe with blue eyes (1.92 m). Some of her shoes have dual platform (13 cm). Her favorite shoe designers: Magrit, Pura López, Armand Basi and Sara Navarro.
Celebrity shoes: Queen Letizia Ortiz's High Heels

Celebrity style: Princesa Letizia Ortiz' Style

Queen Letizia Ortiz is a great Ambassador of Spanish fashion. We reveal you the main style keys:

Accesories. She uses XL sunglasses, belts and scarves. Her favorite handbag: Loewe. Diamonds. Loves diamonds of tiara. Her favorite tiara: a jewel of 1913 whic Queen Sofia as she carried on her wedding day.
Favorite color. The white. Combines perfectly white dark trousers and jackets.
Ceremony dress. When she visits spanish regions, she tries to dress the local designer (Armand Basi in Catalonia, Miriam Ocariz in Basque country).
Designers. Queen Letizia wears Spanish designers with the purpose of promoting the Spanish fashion: Josep Font, Lydia Delgado, Varela...
Hairstyle. Initially she used an elegant smooth hair. Now you can see her with curly hairstyle and daring loops. Hairstyle provide variety to her style.
Summer look. Bermuda and sandals from the spanish signature Castañer when she is on vacation at the island of Palma de Mallorca.
Celebrity style: Queen Letizia Ortiz's Style Celebrity style: Queen Letizia Ortiz's Style
Celebrity style: Queen Letizia Ortiz's Style

Celebrity style of Letizia Ortiz and Carla Bruni. Who is more elegant?

During an official visit in Paris, Letizia Ortiz has chosen a Fuchsia model, and Carla Bruni opted for a blue silk dress night (Dior). The only "real" difference: the height of the heels!
Celebrity style: Letizia Ortiz and Carla Bruni

Madrid Royal Palace: the evening Gala is illuminated by Carla Bruni and Queen Letizia:
Celebrity style: Letizia Ortiz and Carla Bruni

Celebrity Surgery: Queen Letizia Ortiz's surgery

Queen Letizia's surgery. She makes a nose surgery to improve her breathing problems. But some Spanish newspapers say that she has also made cosmetic surgery:
Celebrity Surgery: Queen Letizia Ortiz's surgery

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