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Celebrity Diet
“Kirsten Dunst”

Kirsten Dunst: Alkaline Acid Diet for Weight loss. Celebrity diet, Exercises, Style and Beauty secrets !

Weight: 119 lbs (54 kg)
Height: 5 ft 5.5 in (1,66 meters)
Age: 42 years old (1982/04/30)
Place of birth: Point Pleasant, NJ, USA.

Kirsten Dunst, actress and model, became famous in Spiderman. In addition to have healthy silhouette, she's a faithful follower of the Alkaline Acid Diet. Discover now her diet!
Celebrity diet: Kirsten Dunst - Alkaline Acid Diet

Celebrity diet: Alkaline Acid Diet of Kirsten Dunst

Her secret: the alkaline acid diet, currently the most famous diet in Hollywood. Before following this diet, please consult your doctor or nutritionist.

Thanks to this diet, Kirsten Dunst controls the pH balance of the body, compensating the excess of acid foods (processed food, meat, fish, cereals) with the consumption of alkaline foods (fruits, vegetables, tea green, soy, plant oils).
The proportion of food should be: 70% of "alkaline" + 30% of "acid" is the key to look a splendid figure on the red carpet!

Should I follow the alkaline acid diet or not? According to our experts: "The alkaline acid diet is very recommended, because this diet helps to lose weight by reducing the consumption of fat and sugar, and maintains an optimal level of energy in the body."
Celebrity diet: Kirsten Dunst - Alkaline Acid Diet Celebrity diet: Kirsten Dunst - Alkaline Acid Diet
Celebrity diet: Kirsten Dunst

Celebrity exercises: Kirsten Dunst's workout!

Kirsten Dunst loves doing sport with the help of a personal trainer. Exercise duration:1h30 per day. 4 days per week. The exercise program of Kirsten Dunst includes:
  • Jogging and swimming, for burning fat and oxygenating the body.
  • Weight lifting and abs, to strengthen the entire body.
  • Stretching, 15 minutes at the end of the training to gain flexibility.
Celebrity exercises: Kirsten Dunst's workout Celebrity exercises: Kirsten Dunst Vanity Fair
Celebrity exercises: Kirsten Dunst

Celebrity beauty secret: Kirsten loves Aromatherapy

Actress Kirsten Dunst makes you discover her best beauty secret. She uses the aromatherapy to take be relax and feel secure, by Kirsten Dunst.

Kirsten Dunst has created her own fragrances of aromatherapy. On a basis (90%) of vegetable oil, or almonds or sesame, she adds 10% of essential oils. She follows these aromatherapy features:

• Desire: basil, cardamom, black pepper, thyme, cinnamon, jasmine, sandalwood.
• Depression: geranium, verbena, thyme and orange.
• Stress: sandalwood, orange blossom and mint and mandarin.
• Fatigue: basil and lavender.
• Period: Rose, lavender and geranium.
• Insomnia: Chamomile, lavender and Melissa.

Is the aromatherapy the seduction secret of Kirsten Dunst? The actress walking with her former boyfriend, always with her Ray-Ban sunglasses and Chanel handbag.
Celebrity beauty secret: Kirsten Dunst loves Aromatherapy Celebrity beauty secret: Kirsten Dunst
Celebrity beauty secret: Kirsten Dunst

Celebrity Style: Kirsten Dunst always with Ray-Ban !

Kirsten Dunst has always a perfect style. The actress is one of the most fashions of Hollywood. Ray-Ban sunglasses for a perfect... style! (from $129).
Celebrity Style: Kirsten Dunst always with Ray-Ban

Kirsten Dunst has one of the trendiest looks of the season:
Celebrity Style: Kirsten Dunst' style

Celebrity busted: Kirsten Dunst without makeup

Kirsten Dunst without makeup. In ads, Kirsten Dunst always looks pretty, even with glasses. Sometimes, celebrities are difficult to recognize without makeup:
Celebrity busted: Kirsten Dunst without makeup

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