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Diet Menu Plans

Vegetarian diet:
“Vegetarian Menu”

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Vegetarian Menu to lose 6 lbs per week without eating meat.

The Vegetarian Diet is not only a good way to weight loss. Many people adopt Vegetarianism for ethical, health and aesthetic reasons. The vegetarian menu consists on eating food of vegetable origin and excludes meat. It's not a strict vegetarian diet because you can eat fish and food that some strict vegetarian usually refused.

The vegetarian menu includes fruits, vegetables, cereals, skimmed dairy products and a discreet consumption of fish. The key of this diet consists of eliminating the animal fat to purify the organism and to obtain a healthier feeding. It's recommended to complement the diet with a multivitamins tablet.

Weight loss: between 4 and 6 lbs per week.
Diet duration: 2 weeks.

The Vegetarian Menu for Whom :
• Any healthy person who wants to lose weight.
• Vegetarians (diet without meat)

Diet not recommended for kids, adolescents, pregnant women and people under continuing medical treatment, because the menu is poor in iron, calcium and vitamins.

Vegetarian Food List: All you can eat in the Vegetarian Menu

Authorized food:

Banned food:

brown rice
wholemeal bread
soy meat
boiled eggs
fresh cheese without salt
skimmed yogurt
creams to smear without fat nor salt
meat and sausages
alcohol (beer and wine without alcohol are permitted)

Vegetarian Diet Menu to Lose 6 lbs per Week

Monday (Fruit day)

During the day, you can eat all the fresh fruit you want every 3 hours. You can fruits sliced, juice, compote, liquefied or baked. It's allowed to accompany fruits with skimmed fresh cheese and 1 rice cookie or 1 slice of wholemeal bread.

Tuesday (Vegetable day)

1 skimmed yogurt with cereals (wheat or rice).
1 slice of wholemeal bread with fresh cheese and jam or honey.

Lunch and dinner:
Assortment of vegetables (raw or steamed). For dessert, 1 seasonal fruit.

1 glass of tomato juice with 2 wholemeal cookies with fresh cheese.

Wednesday (Fruits and vegetables day)

1 cup of tea.
1 large slice of wholemeal bread with fresh cheese.
1 seasonal fruit.

All the fruit you want (raw or cooked).

Half tomato with ricotta cheese and 1 cup of coffee (you can add a little of skimmed milk).

Assortment of vegetables (raw or steamed).

Thursday (Day to strengthen)

1 cup of tea with 1 rice cookie, with cheese ricotta and honey.

Lunch and dinner:
Distribute between the lunch and dinner the following meals: 6 tomatoes, 2 big bananas, 2 dishes of soup with wholemeal oats, 1 dish of steam vegetables, and 1 cup of cooked rice with grated cheese.

1 skimmed yogurt with bits of organic fruits and nuts.

Friday (Salad day)

1 cup of coffee and 1 toast of fresh cheese.

Lunch and dinner:
Salad with all the meals you want to add from the authorized food group.
For example: carrots, boiled egg, pepper, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, etc.

1 juice of seasonal fruit, 1 cookie, and 1 piece of cheese  mozzarella.

Saturday (Fish day)

1 skimmed yogurt with cornflakes.
1 seasonal fruit.

1 grilled fish filet with carrots.
1 salad with lettuce and tomato.
1 seasonal fruit.

1 glass of skimmed milk with 1 wholemeal cookie.

1 grilled fish filet, with mashed potatoes and 1 tomato.

Sunday (Pasta day)

1 glass of skimmed milk with 2 spoonfuls of cornflakes.


1 dish of wholemeal pasta with natural tomato sauce, basil and garlic accompanied with broccoli.
1 baked apple.


1 fruit juice with 1 wholemeal cookie.

1 dish of vegetables boiled accompanied with soy.

Vegetarian Menu Guidelines

• You don't have to suppress the breakfast with the hope to lose weight faster. You will obtain the opposite.
• Dress salads with oil or lemon juice, and vinegar.
• Serve meals in small dishes (thus portions will seem bigger).

Benefits of the vegetarian menu

The vegetarian menu is very recommended for persons with cardiovascular illnesses. It cleans the body. The fat that contains vegetables is healthy for the organism. The weight loss will not be recovered.

Risks of the vegetarian menu

If you follow a vegetarian menu of this type, in which animal products are excluded, you have a risk of lack in proteins, iron and vitamin B12. For this reason, it's important to consult a nutritionist, and take dietary supplements and multivitamins tablets.
The vegetarian menu is expensive due to take dietary supplements and expensive organic food (fruits, soy).

Before starting a diet, please consult your nutritionist, she help you lose weight in good health.


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Diet Menu Plans

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