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Celebrity Diet
“Halle Berry”

Halle Berry: Diabetic diet & Diet without sugar. Celebrity Diet, Weight Loss, Exercises and Beauty!

Weight: 125 lbs (57 kg)
Height: 5 ft 5.5 in (1,66 meters)
Age: 56 years old (1966/09/14)
Place of birth: Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

Halle Berry, actress, model and queen of beauty. Winner of an Academy Award for the movie Monster's Ball. She has been protagonist in James Bond, X-Men and Catwoman movies. She breathes health and strength. Discover now her celebrity diet:
Celebrity diet: Halle Berry Celebrity diet: Halle Berry
Celebrity diet: Halle Berry

Celebrity diet for Weight Loss: Halle Berry

Halle Berry takes care of her fabulous figure with healthy lifestyle habits and a lot of sport. To maintain her healthy figure, the actress follows a diabetic diet type 2:
Celebrity diet: Halle Berry

Celebrity diet: Halle Berry Diabetic Diet, no sugar!

Halle Berry suffers diabetes type 2 from childhood. The actress must closely control her alimentation! Halle Berry personal dietician recommends her to eat 5 times per day, according to 5 criteria:

1. A main dish poor in fat and rich in high-quality proteins.
2 Carbohydrates with low index (white beans, whole rice, potatoes).
3. From 5 to 10 grams of fibber per lunch.
4. The bad fat are prohibited (sausages...)
5. Always drink beverages without sugar (forget the soft drinks with gas!).

Halle Berry is athletic, friendly and has a perfect Hollwood style:
Celebrity style: Halle Berry's style

Celebrity exercises for Weight Loss: Halle Berry

Halle Berry closely controls the alimentation due to diabetes. In addition, 4 days per week, she does the exercises of the "5-factor-Fitness" method of Harley Pasternak, thus she succeeds in being in good shape! For those who don’t know this method, is consists in 45 minutes of daily session, mixed with cardio, strength training and maintenance exercises.
The other Halle Berry passion: baseball.
Celebrity style: Halle BerryCelebrity exercises: Halle BerryCelebrity exercises: Halle Berry fitness
Celebrity exercises: Halle Berry

Celebrity beauty tips: Halle Berry's beauty secrets

The actress Halle Berry makes you discover her best beauty secret to take advantage of your face, eyes, lips and hair, by Halle Berry.

Luminous face: It’s important to sleep at least 8 hours, it’s not always possible, and I drink a fruits juice in the morning just after wake up.
Face cleaning: I always clean my skin with a milk cream, a tonic (even if I haven’t make-up) and after I apply moisturising cream day or night.
Eyes: I use an anti-eye ring, and sometimes the same face cream.
Eyebrows: I arrange my eyebrows the more natural as possible once per week.
Silky hair: I usually use mask and other moisturizing treatments. And, twice a year, I use blisters treatment to avoid loss hair by Kérastase .
Lips: I use a cocoa balm to relieve and protect my lips.
Celebrity beauty tips: Halle Berry's beauty secrets

Celebrity style: Halle Berry's style is informal !

Halle Berry has a figure in form of "X", and marks her waist with tight tops.

The jean you need to look like Halle Berry: under-sized and with push-up effect. Never straight-sized! Thus they perfectly stick to your body, and are not large to your waist.

Halle Berry style tips: Use a belt with metal strings (the Gucci bestseller). You will have the perfect Hollywood style. Be more cool with a V neck shirt.
Celebrity style: Halle Berry

Celebrity hairstyle: Halle Berry and African hairstyle

Halle Berry with African hairstyle during her pregnancy. Later, with half long hair and with more relaxing waves. What is the best look for her? Definitely the second hairstyle:
Celebrity hairstyle: Halle Berry

Celebrity busted: Halle Berry without Make-up

Halle Berry without makeup on the way to Los Angeles fashion stores.
Sometimes, celebrities are difficult to recognize without makeup:
Celebrity makeup: Halle Berry Make-upCelebrity busted : Halle Berry without Make-up
Celebrity makeup: Halle Berry Make-up

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