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Sport diet:
“The Fitness Diet”

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Diet and Fitness Today - Complete Guide to Diet and Fitness for Sport Amateur and Professional Athlete.

The intention of the Fitness Diet is to provide a nutrition adapted for the training, the recuperation and the competitions of all athletes, amateur or professional.

The importance of a suitable diet is known by sportsmen and trainers:
For professional athletes who do competition, the diet has a objectives: improve the results.
For sport amateur that practice fitness for pastime or with the idea of improving health or figure, the diet has a objectives: satisfy the nourishing needs and avoiding the lacks and the excesses.

Therefore, it's fundamental to do a Workout Diet and Fitness Competition Diet, following this guide.


It's important to eat 6 times per day. The share-out of the energy during the day must be the following one:

Breakfast: 15-25%
Snack: 5%
Lunch: 25-35%
Snack: 5%
Dinner: 25-35%
Snack: 5%


The ideal ingestion of proteins in the Fitness Diet must be of 10-15 % of the total energy. It's understood easily that sportsman who wants to develop muscles has the temptation of exaggerating the ingestion of proteins. But, the needs hasn't to be over 0,3 oz of proteins for 1 lbs of weight per day (2 grams per 1 kg).

These proteins requests are covered widely by the reasonable ingestion of meat, eggs, fish and dairy products. An excess of proteins in the diet can cause an accumulation of poisonous garbage and other effects harmful to the wellness of the sportsman.


The ideal ingestion of fat in the Fitness Diet must be of 30-35 % of the total calories. Both, an excess and a deficit contribution of fat can unleash adverse effects for the organism. If the diet is low in fat, there is a risk of suffering lacks in vitamins and essential acids. If on the contrary, the diet has an excessive content of fat, the physical performance is minor, and also, it favors the appearance of a series of alterations as the obesity, problems of digestion and cardiovascular.


The quantity of carbohydrates recommended for athletes is 50%-60% of the total calories consumed, where less than 10 % corresponds to simple carbohydrates (sugar, sweets…) and the remaining percentage to complex carbohydrates (cereals and derivatives, vegetables, potatoes …).

In general, sportsmen should follow a diet rich in carbohydrates to optimize the availability of muscular glycogen during periods of intense training and competition and like that, to obtain a major sport resistance.


In normal conditions, we need to drink around 0,8 oz of water per day (3 liters) to maintain the body water balance. During the Fitness Diet with a physical important effort, the needs of water increase, being able to get lost even more than 0,5 oz per hour (2 liters). It's advisable, to drink before, during and after the fitness exercise, especially in the sports of long duration.


Women with an important fitness activity, where absence of the menstruation usually takes place, the needs of calcium increase. For that reason, it's necessary to eat more calcium to compensate its low levels and the minor intestinal absorption of calcium. For what, a rich diet in dairy products it's recommended (milk, cheese, yogurt…).

For sportswomen, it's suitable to increase the regular consumption of food rich in iron (meat, eggs, vegetables…) because it has been observed that the needs of iron of the persons who practice habitually sport are major than those of a sedentary person.


In relation to vitamins, it has been demonstrated that the physical performance decrease when there is a lack of vitamins. From this fact, there is a spread credence of which vitamins supplements can increase performance in the fitness activity. But all the studies realized till now have come to the opposite conclusion: the addition of vitamins in the diet doesn't improve the physical performance.

Take supplementary vitamins can only have a beneficial effect in the performance in persons who have a vitamins deficit. But this is not the case of the persons who follow a balanced diet.

Before starting a diet, please consult your nutritionist, she help you lose weight in good health.


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