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Detox diets

Detox diet in 1 day: detoxify the body drinking liquids (fruits juices and vegetables)

Detox diet: Detox diet in 1 day
The Detox Diet in 1 day is based on the ingestion of liquids and promises to detox the body in just 1 day. It's a low-calories diet, and simultaneously improves and nourishes hair and skin. Detox diet.
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Detox Diet After Party, 1 day diet ideal to recover from the excesses of the weekend !

Detox diet: Detox Diet After Party
The Detox Diet After Party is ideal to recover from the excesses of the weekend, this 1 day diet helps to detox and purify the body drinking a lot of water...
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Diet for the Constipation, fast cleanliness of the intestine with food rich in fiber.

Detox diet: Diet for constipation
The Diet for Constipation consists on eating food containing high quantity of fibers to help to increase the volume of the fecal matter, stimulate the reflex of the stomach, lubricate the intestine wall. Great detox diet...
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Fiber diet (laxative), 7 days diet plan to detox the body.

Detox diet: Fiber diet to detox the body
The Laxative Fiber Diet is a detox diet whose principal aim is the purification of the body. In only 7 days, you will go to the restroom like before with this laxative diet.
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Water Diet, detox diet drinking 8 glasses of water per day.

Detox diet: Water diet. Detox drinking water
The Water Diet helps to lose weight and intestinal transit. It's important to drink a lot of water, 8-ounce glasses of water per day (2 quarts, 1.8 liters), except during meals, to remove fat and toxins continuously through the urine...
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The Fasting: 1 day diet to lose 2 lbs and increase vitality.

Detox diet: The fasting
The Fasting is a detox diet used from Biblical times as accompaniment of the religious reflections. Hasting helps to detox the body and lose weight. Weight loss: 2 lbs per day. Diet duration: 1 day to 3 days...
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3 Day Diet to Detox, vegan diet to detox your body in 3 days and lose 4 lbs. Detox diet.

Detox diet: 3 day diet to detox
The 3 Days Diet to Detox is a vegetarian diet whose main purpose is to lose weight and detox the body. Diet duration: 3 days maximum to detox the body...
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Lemon Diet, drink lemon to detox and lose 15 lb per week. Detox diet. Weight loss diet.

Detox diet: Lemon diet. Detox the body with lemon
The Lemon Detox Diet was largely promoted by singer Beyonce, who was quoted as saying, "I lived on water, cayenne pepper and maple syrup for 14 days. In two weeks I lost 20 pounds".
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Red Tea Diet, drink 4 cups of red tea during meals to lose weight 6 lbs in 5 days. Detox diet.

Detox diet: Red tea. Drink red tea for weight loss
The Red Tea Diet allows you to lose weight up to 6 lbs in 5 days. Generally, the Red Tea Diet is used as complement of a balanced diet or a low calorie diet...
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Diuretic Diet, 3 day diet to detox the body eating fruits.

Detox diet: Diuretic diet
The Diuretic Diet consists on eating fruits to detox the body and lose weight. Diet duration: no longer than 2 or 3 days...
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Diet for Diarrhea, recommended to people who have diarrhea and want to stop it.

Detox diet: Diet for Diarrhea. Detox diet.
The Diarrhea Diet is a detox diet based on eating a lot of food with fiber to stop the diarrhea, like:wholemeal bread, brown rice, fruits with skin and vegetables...
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Diet to clean the liver (diet for liver disease). Detox diet.

Detox diet: Liver diet. Liver disease. Diet to clean the liver.
With the Liver Diet, you can relieve the work of the digestive organ to restore the liver and make it work again normally. The liver can be the cause of a lot of diseases: head pain, distended and flat belly, diarrhea or vomiting...
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Astringent Diet to stop with diarrhea. Fast diet!

Detox diet: Astringent diet
The Astringent Diet or Diet for the Diarrhea is used to cure the sharp diarrhea in a few days. It is necessary to follow this diet with fasting for retaining liquids and minerals to cure the diarrhea...
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Fluid Retention Diet, eliminate fluid retention and fat belly. Fast detox diet.

Detox diet: Fluid retention diet.

If you feel fat, we recommend you to follow this diuretic diet to remove Fluid Retention. Sometimes the excess of curves doesn't mean you have to slim, but only lose volume due to fluid retention. This sensation of being fat (excess of volume) is caused by, gases, fluid retention and cellulite...
Learn more about the fluid retention diet

Diet Menu Plans

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