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Celebrity Diet
“Monica Bellucci”

Monica Bellucci: Balanced Diet for Weight Loss. Celebrity Diet, Exercise, Style & Beauty tips !

Weight: 135 lbs (61 kg)
Height: 5 ft 7 in (1,70 meters)
Age: 43 years old (1964/09/30)
Place of birth: Città di Castello, Italy.

Monica Bellucci, actress and model, She has a healthy silhouette. The Italian beauty says "I'm not overweight, I'm not thin, and I like it ". She is one of the most elegant women in the world. In photo, Monica Bellucci in the Dolce & Gabbana campaign:
Celebrity diet: Monica Bellucci's diet for weight loss Celebrity diet: Monica Bellucci's diet for weight loss
Celebrity diet: Monica Bellucci

Celebrity diet: Monica Bellucci's diet for weight loss

Monica Bellucci follows a balanced diet. The actress eats small portions of food 5 times a day to lose weight and get in shape. The actress says that "many European actresses use this tip to lose weight and keep good figure". A lot of weight loss books confirm this strategy.

Monica Bellucci is naturally high, thin and elegant. We love her celebrity style:
Celebrity style: Monica Bellucci's style

Celebrity exercises to lose weight: Monica Bellucci

The weight loss exercise of Monica Bellucci is swimming daily 45 minutes - 4 days per week. She confesses that it's the best way to keep the body in good shape.

In addition, Monica Bellucci loves sports of contact like kick-boxing and the capuera. This passion is coming from her husband, the French actor Vincent Cassel.
Celebrity exercises: Monica Bellucci Celebrity exercises for Weight Loss: Monica Bellucci
Celebrity exercises: Monica Bellucci

Celebrity beauty tips: Monica Bellucci's secrets!

The actress says "I feel confortable with myself, not because people say that I am pretty, but because I have the life that I have chosen. I love life. It’s my best beauty secret..."

Monica Bellucci doesn’t want to live no longer in Hollywood. "Producers are obsessed by youth and beauty. In Hollywood, it's difficult for an actress over 40 years".
Celebrity beauty tips: Monica Bellucci's secrets

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