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Celebrity diet
“Queen Rania of Jordan”

Rania of Jordan: The GI Diet (Glycemic Index). Celebrity diet for weight loss, Beauty and Style !

Weight: 115 lbs (53 kg)
Height: 5 ft 3 in (1,63 meters)

Age: 53 years old (1970/08/31)
Place of birth: Kuwait City, Kuwait.

Rania of Jordan, has gone from being an employee in Dubai, to Queen of Jordan. She is the most powerful woman in the Middle East according to Forbes magazine. Always elegant and active, Rania of Jordan follows the GI diet to lose weight and maintain her silhouette.

The Queen Rania of Jordan is married to the King Abdullah of Jordan.
Queen Rania of Jordan: Celebrity diet Queen Rania of Jordan: Celebrity diet
Queen Rania of Jordan: Celebrity diet

Celebrity diet: Rania Jordania follows The GI Diet

The secret of Rania of Jordan for weight loss: the Glycemic Index (GI Diet). Before starting a diet, please consult your doctor or nutritionist.

This diet classifies foods depending on their glycemic Index: high GI foods are avoided (bread, pasta, rice, nuts), food with medium GI must be consumed with moderation (fruit, cereals wholemeal), and food with low GI must be consumed (seed, chickpeas, fresh cheese, dark chocolate) always with proteins, vegetables, starches... 

Should I follow the diet GI diet or not? According to our experts: "Consuming food with low glycemic Index is a good strategy to lose weight and keep the body in good shape, because it avoids the sharp increases of insulin and the increase of appetite. But it's important to balance the rest of the alimentation like Rania of Jordan does: consuming enough proteins, fat aliments in moderate quantities, vegetables and lacteals..."

Celebrity style: Rania of Jordan's style: Queen style

Queen Rania of Jordan has a royal style. She's one of the most admired women worldwide, and the second best dressed women in 2006 according to Vanity fair. Queen Rania of Jordan has a collection of dresses and shoes to make Paris Hilton jealous!

Rania of Jordan in official visit to France and Spain. We like her style:
Queen Rania of Jordan: Celebrity diet Queen Rania of Jordan: Celebrity diet
Queen Rania of Jordan: Celebrity diet

Rania of Jordan with the former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Pope Benedict:
Celebrities: Rania Jordania and Gordon Brown Celebrities: Rania Jordania and pope Benedict
Celebrity style: Rania Jordania

Celebrity: Rania of Jordan with Naomi Campbell !

Rania of Jordan busted in vacations in St Tropez (France) with Naomi campbell, the top model and her boyfriend a Russian billionaire:
Celebrity busted: Rania of Jordan busted with Naomi Campbell

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