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Celebrity Diet
“Cameron Diaz”

Cameron Diaz: Fast Diet and Surf. Weight Loss. Celebrity diet, Exercises, Style & Beauty Tips !

Weight: 119 lbs (54 kg)
Height: 5 ft 8 in (1,73 meters)
Age: 51 years old (1972/08/30)
Place of birth: San Diego, California, USA.

Cameron Diaz is an actress and former model. She's a very nice and funny girl. She breathes health and good in shape. She is Hollywood's most desired body for 87% of USA women according to People magazine. Discover now her fast diet and beauty tips:
Celebrity diet: Cameron Diaz Celebrity diet: Cameron Diaz
Celebrity diet: Cameron Diaz

Celebrity diet: Cameron Diaz' diet for Weight Loss

Cameron Diaz hates diets. However, a so carved figure has to be worked with healthy habits of life and a lot of sport. The actress has a great style:
Celebrity diet: Cameron Diaz

Celebrity diet: The Cameron Diaz' fast diet

Cameron Diaz has a little unbalanced food habits, reflected in her face skin, which is not as bright as her celebrity friends. However, she has a healthy figure thanks to exercises.

Her secret to have a healthy body? Eat chicken without skin, avoid fast sugar and industrial drinks (except a beer from time to time). The actress also recommends eat food slowly.

In addition, Cameron Diaz drinks a vegetable soup before dinner to fill the stomach, and use chew gum without sugar to reduce the lust for sweets, according to US Weekly magazine.

Her favourite foods: "I love French fries. I enjoy when I eat a very juicy hamburger with cheese. I recommend eat French fries once per week!"
Cameron Diaz, Paul Sculfor
Cameron Diaz ring
Celebrity diet: Cameron Diaz
Celebrity diet: Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz: Celebrity exercises for Weight Loss

Her other secret to have a healthy body? Practice a lot of exercise. Skiing, surfing, golf or jogging, Cameron Diaz multiplies activities. She loves running outdoor and on the beach.
Celebrity exercise: Cameron Diaz golf elebrity exercise: Cameron Diaz exercise
Celebrity exercise: Cameron Diaz golf

At home, she takes the time to strength her arms lifting small weights. She also makes Pilates. In summer, she goes swimming and competes against large Malibu beach waves. She is also a fan of yoga.

Cameron Diaz is a sport-woman and loves to be active: "I like to practice sport, sweat, feel my heart to beat faster" confesses the actress in the American Self magazine.

Cameron Diaz likes her body, in particular her shoulders, her abdominals and steel stylized legs. She would like to change her thighs and nothing else.
 Celebrity exercise: Cameron Diaz

The surf is her passion since the movie Charlie's Angels. At the rate of 600 calories burned per hour, the surf is a good way to remove a hamburger (1 hour), 1 portion of French fries (2nd hour) and Coke (half an hour more).
Celebrity exercise: Cameron Diaz surf

Cameron Diaz: advantages of surf for the figure

The surf is equal to strong feelings and dream body. "Surfing makes work all muscles, tones the body and burns more calories than jogging". Cameron Diaz says that "more cold is the water more rowing to go for the wave, and more calories I am burning”.

Which muscles are strengthened with surfing?
Heart: surfing is a cardiovascular exercise, especially when you take the wave.
Belly: the abdominal muscles work while in balance on the table.
Legs: twin and thighs are enabled to get up on the table.
Shoulders: inevitable rowing to catch the wave!
Back: requested rowing and to stand upright.
Arms: the rowing cast on the table.
Thighs: contracted while lying and standing to stabilize.

Cameron Diaz surfing on the coast of California. On the right, actress with her ex-boyfriend surfing world champion Kelly Slater while teaching him how to practice it. 
Celebrity exercise: Cameron Diaz surf

Celebrity beauty tips: the smile of Cameron Diaz

Hydrated lips, white teeth and fresh breath are weapons of Cameron Diaz to win with a perfect smile.

Cameron Diaz
makes you discover her best beauty secret to have perfect smile, by Cameron Diaz:

• A sincere smile generates empathy (it's easy to see if the smile is sincere....)
• Smile without teaching gums, never!
• Use vegetable lip balm: cares, protects and repairs the lips.
• Use electric brush with bleach dentifrice.
Celebrity beauty tips: the smile of Cameron Diaz

Celebrity Style: Cameron Diaz is casual and jeans

Cameron Diaz says: "I'm as all women: I have a closet full of clothes, but I never have anything to wear. The jeans are the solution".

The slim jeans are my best friends. To appear slimmer and taller "I use jeans with slim heels; without heels I wear a long t-shirt (TopShop)".
Celebrity style: Cameron Diaz

The mini-skirt: my favorite dress. The best way to show off her healthy legs:
Celebrity style: Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz has cellulite. Girls, we are not the only ones. Celebrities have also cellulite. True, we need a magnifying glass to find the cellulite accumulated in Cameron Diaz legs, but we succeeded. We don't want to criticise for criticizing but want only to verify that the most wonderful women also suffer cellulite!

Discovered backs: glamour for the night. We must be very confident to use this pink Chanel in the Golden Globe. Her other favourite Designer: Gucci.

Celebrity style: Cameron Diaz Celebrity style: Cameron Diaz red carpet
Celebrity style: Cameron Diaz

Celebrity busted: Cameron Diaz with Photoshop!

Cameron Diaz needs also make-up and Photoshop during photo shoots. She has tired and irritating skin. It' not surprising with the frenetic planning of the Charlie’s Angel actress.
Celebrity busted: Cameron Diaz busted with Photoshop

Surgery: Cameron Diaz rejects cosmetic surgery

Cameron Diaz rejects someday to have cosmetic surgery to correct the passage of time, because she considers that "after 4 or 5 times, one becomes a stranger. I don't want to transform my face into something unnatural", said she in the InTouch magazine. It's uncommon to hear this claim on aesthetic surgery to major celebrities...
However, she likes to go to the hairdresser, as can be seen on the right photo:
Celebrity surgery: Cameron Diaz Cameron Diaz hair cut
Celebrity surgery: Cameron Diaz

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