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Healthy diets and Balanced diets

Mediterranean diet, the healthier diet in the world to lose 2 lbs per week (healthy diet)

Healthy diet: Mediterranean diet - Penelope Cruz
The Mediterranean Diet is the healthier diet in the world. The Mediterranean diet increase life expectancy and reduce overweight. Weight loss: 2 lbs per week. Diet duration: unlimited. Calorie diet: 2,000 calories per day.
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Balanced Diet, eat anything you want except fat foods !

Healthy diet: balanced diet. Fresh food for healthy diet!
If you usually take care of your meals, then the only thing you have to do to follow the Balanced Diet, is to eliminate the little fat you eat, such as fatty cheeses, pastries, margarine, etc. Healthy diet for weight loss.
Weight loss: 2 lbs per week. Diet duration: unlimited.
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The Zone Diet: lose 4 lbs per month thanks to a right balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fat (healthy diet).

Healthy diet: The Zone Diet. Goodbye fat belly !
The Zone Diet is born in the United States. The Zone Diet allows you to lose weight 4 lbs per month, achieve well-being, a body without a disease, and a mind running at peak performance. With the zone diet... Goodbye fat belly!
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Hypertension diet, the secret to lower the hypertension: eat a lot of garlic and a salt-free diet !

Healthy diet: Hypertension diet. Model running
The Hypertension Diet reduces the high blood pressure and remove the causes of the hypertension: salt, bad food habits and not enough exercise.
Weight loss: 2 lbs per week. Diet duration: unlimited...
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The Eat Diet: lose 4 lbs without hunger and eating (almost) everything. Healthy diet to lose weight.

Healthy diet: Eat diet to lose weight
With The Eat Diet, you will lose 4 lbs per week without too much hunger sensation. Diet duration: unlimited. Including tips to weight loss. Healthy diet to lose weight...
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Diet during Pregnancy: the mother's diet is the key to determine the sex of the baby (healthy diet)

Healthy diet: Pregancy diet. Pregnant woman
British researchers issued recently a study indicated that follow a Mediterranean diet during pregnancy protects children suffering from asthma and allergies...
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Japanese Diet: diet for live many years and lose 2 lbs per week. For the Japanese sushi fans!

Healthy diet: Japanese diet for weight loss. Geisha
The Japanese diet includes a large quantity of fresh products like raw fish, vegetables, rice, algae and tea. You will lose 2 lbs per week with this healthy diet. The Japanese diet is a healthier diet than the Western diet, due to the lower amount of animal fat and proteins. Healthy diet ot lose weight.
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Chinese diet: lose 2 lbs per week with a delicious diet rich in antioxidants, vegetables and fruits (healthy diet)-

Healthy diet: Chinese diet for weight loss
Chinese are never overweight! According to Chinese diet, if you eat well you will have abundant energy, your organs will be well nourished and your nervous system and emotions will be in harmony. Healthy and balanced diet to lose weight.
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The 6 Meals Diet: the best diet when combined with 3 fitness sessions per week (healthy diet).

Healthy diet: 6 meals diet
The 6 Meals Diet is a healthy and balanced diet. This diet allows you to eat up to 6 times a day until you reach your ideal body weight. But, be careful, it's necessary to combine this diet with physical training, 3 times per week...
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Diet Food: mix correctly the food to forget to count calories. Weight loss 4 lbs per week.

Healthy diet: Diet food. Weight loss diet
The Diet Food is a healthy diet. Combining correctly the food, you can forget to count calories. The Diet Food allows you to lose 4 lbs per week, without damaging the health. Diet duration: unlimited..
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