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“Weight Gain Diet”

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Diet to increase weight 4 lbs per week eating 6 meals per day.

If you want to increase weight fast, the Diet for Weight Gain is what you're looking for. Follow the diet religiously, and drink at least 8 glasses of water per day to evacuate toxins.

Weight gain: up to 4 lbs per week.
Diet duration: 3 monthes. The diet can be extended but always under medical supervision.

Diet recommended for any healthy person, athletes, bodybuilding, and any person who need a muscle gain diet plan. For the Weight Gain Diet, we suggest you to follow these diet plan guidelines.

Weight Gain Diet Guidelines

In the Weight Gain Diet, it's important to eat at least 6 meals per day. Forget about eating 3 large meals a day with a few snacks. The best approach to an effective weight gain diet is to eat 6 small meals a day. Separate meals by 3 hours, thus your stomach has time to digest each meal fully. The share-out of the energy during the day must be the following one:

Breakfast: 15-25%
Snack: 5%
Lunch: 25-35%
Snack: 5%
Dinner: 25-35%
Snack: 5%

In all meals, use cream, butter, eggs and sugar.
In snacks, eat cookies or sweet cakes, dry figs, grapes and nuts.
In the dinner, drink grapes juice, or 1 glass of red wine.

Weight Gain Diet: Eat More with Food that Stimulate the Appetite

The basis of any weight gain diet should contain nutritious, high calorie foods. If you find to hard to put on weight then the greatest challenge you face is to consume enough energy without feeling full all the time. Don't worry it can be done. quite easily! Prepare meals with flour and eggs. The honey and sugar stimulate the appetite. You can add cream and sugar in fruit juices. You can also eat little salads with cream or olive oil, better than with vinegar. You can add cottage cheese, onion, tomato and radishs.

The fat is usually tolerate but fat in too abundant quantities can produce sensation of satiety.

Weight Gain Diet: Consume Food with More Calories

The only way to gain weight, whether it's fat or muscle, is to consume more energy than you expend. There is no escaping to this basic law of human anatomy regardless of how many explanations you hear to the contrary. Admittedly, some of us have faster metabolisms than others but that simply means that those who do need to eat even more again. The following food has a lot of calories:
Cereals, potatoes, sauces, mayonnaise, meat and sausages, greasy fish of river and smoked fish. To accompany the bread, use butter, jams and jellies. See more meals in the Complete Food Calorie Table

Before starting a diet, please consult your nutritionist, she help you lose weight in good health.


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Diet Menu Plans

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