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Celebrity Diet & Model Diet
“Agyness Deyn”

Agyness Deyn: Balanced Diet for Weight Loss. Celebrity diet, Exercises, Beauty tips for short hair!

Weight: 108 lbs (50 kg)
Height: 5 ft 8 in (1,73 meters)
Age: 41 years old (1983/02/16)
Place of birth: Failsworth, England.

Agyness Deyn
, is an English model. She became famous with fashion campaigns for Burberry and Armani. She has its own beauty. Eclectic, with short hair and androgynous, she challenges all stereotypes. Discover now her balanced diet and beauty tips:
Celebrity diet: Agyness Deyn Agyness Deyn - Vogue
Celebrity diet: Agyness Deyn

Agyness Deyn: Celebrity diet for Weight Loss

Agyness Deyn is a faithful follower of the balanced diet. The diet consists of eating 5 times per day in very small portions. Agyness Deyn has always been thin with a healthy life.
Celebrity diet: Agyness Deyn Celebrity diet: Agyness Deyn
Régime de star: Agyness Deyn

Agyness Deyn: The Balanced Diet of the Model

The balanced diet consists on eating 5 times per day in very small portions, and never commit excesses. In an interview, the model says that she's not too much worried about its diet.

"People think models starve themselves but not me. I eat really normally. I think it’s important to be healthy, and for that you are allowed a little bit of everything. If you eat too much you put on weight, if you have a happy medium you stay the same. "Everything in moderation, especially pizza!"

Her favorite lunch: "I’m not size-zero model. Since I am a model, I eat fish and chips once a week, and pizza. My favorite pizza restaurant is in New York ", the model said.

Should I follow the balanced diet or not? According to our experts: "The balanced diet is a healthy diet. The advantage is that you can eat everything, but only in small quantities and never commit excesses."
Celebrity diet: Agyness Deyn Celebrity diet: Agyness Deyn
Celebrity diet: Agyness Deyn

Celebrity exercises of Agyness Deyn: I love bike!

Agyness Deyn is a real fan of cycling and claims the bike lane in all cities. "Once I have a free moment, the first thing I do is ride my bike."

In addition, she does yoga. She is addicted to yoga and practices it at least 3 times a week.
Celebrity exercise: Agyness Deyn Celebrity exercise: Agyness Deyn
Celebrity exercise: Agyness Deyn

Agyness Deyn: Beauty tips for beautiful Short Hair

The model Agyness Deyn makes you discover its best beauty secret to have a beautiful and shiny short hair.

Agyness Deyn recommends to finish hair rinsing with cold water. The cold makes scales narrow, smooth hair and leaves hair shiny.

To have a shiny hair, the home remedy of Agyness Deyn consists on using half glass of lemon juice in the last clarified (or 1 glass of wine vinegar) during 20 minutes in abundant water. "It works very well" says the top model.

And remember: "the prettiest hair is the one you feel more comfortable and pretty."
Agyness Deyn hair

Agyness Deyn
is the substitute of Angelina Jolie, as face model of the Japanese giant's “Shiseido".
Celebrity style: Agyness Deyn haircut Celebrity style: Agyness Deyn haircut
Celebrity style: Agyness Deyn haircut

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