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Celebrity diet
“Penélope Cruz”

Penélope Cruz: Mediterranean diet for Weight loss. Celebrity diet, Exercises, Style & Beauty tips !

Weight: 109 lbs (50 kg)
Height: 5 lb 4 ft (1,63 meters)
Age: 50 years old (1974/04/28)
Place of birth: Alcobendas, Madrid, Spain.

Penélope Cruz, actress and ex-girlfriend of Tom Cruise, is one of the best-known ambassadors of the Mediterranean diet. The Spanish beauty has an european style that adore others Hollywood actresses. Discover the mediterranean diet now:
Celebrity diet: Penélope Cruz Oscar Celebrity diet: Penélope Cruz Oscar
Celebrity diet: Penélope Cruz Oscar

Celebrity diet: Penélope Cruz's diet to lose weight

Does Penélope Cruz take care of her bodyweight? Penélope Cruz is a faithful follower of the Mediterranean diet and of the spanish omelette, Olé! We love her style:
Celebrity diet: Penélope Cruz - Mediterranean diet

Celebrity diet: Penélope Cruz's Mediterranean diet

Penélope Cruz eats a lot of fruits and vegetables, and eats with moderation: bread, pasta, rice and olive oil. She takes care never to commit excesses.

Mediterranean diet menu: vegetable soups + paella (spanish rice) + glass of wine.

Her favourite food: "Give me a piece of bread, few drops of olive oil and salt, and I am happy. But you cannot eat like that all the time", says the actress. She is also a passionate of potatoes omelette.

Should I follow the mediterranean diet or not? According to our experts: "The Mediterranean diet is a very healthy diet. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends the Mediterranean diet for being in good shape and live longer. Before starting a diet, please consult your doctor or nutritionist."

Penélope Cruz always with a great style: See these pictures in the streets of Hollywood. The actress is always in the Vanity Fair best dressed lists:
Celebrity diet: Penélope Cruz - Mediterranean diet

Quick Guide of the Mediterranean diet explained by Penélope Cruz:

The Mediterranean diet meets all the recommendations of the Dieticians. It’s the healthiest diet according to WHO. It looks for losing weight and increasing longevity through the alimentation. Quick Guide of the Mediterranean diet:
  • Consume many vegetables food (fruits, nuts, bread and other cereals)
  • Eat daily pasta and rice.
  • Consume daily lacteals, mainly yoghurt and cheeses
  • Use the olive oil as a primary fat
  • Encourage the consumption of poultry, fish and eggs (instead of red meats)
  • Take a glass of wine in each menu (and water for sure)
  • Eat fresh and season food (unprocessed).
Celebrity diet: Penélope Cruz - Mediterranean diet

Celebrity exercises: Penélope Cruz's Exercises

Penélope Cruz alternates these exercises (45-60 minutes per day):
  • Weights lift and machines to tone and firmness, and accelerate metabolism.
  • Aerobic and cardiovascular exercises to burn the fat. Penélope Cruz walks quickly and runs on tape.
  • Stretching and flexibility, 15 minutes each day (before and after the exercises).
Penélope Cruz isn’t too much worried about her weight. "I'm lucky to have a metabolism able to burn nearly everything" says the actress.
Celebrity exercises for Weight Loss: Penélope Cruz Fitness Celebrity diet: Penelope Cruz
Celebrity exercises: Penélope Cruz

Celebrity beauty tips: Penélope Cruz's perfect skin!

The actress Penélope Cruz makes you discover her best beauty secret...

Beauty tips to get a perfect skin, by Penélope Cruz:

• Before going to bed, clean your face with water and soap
• After, apply a cleaning milk
• Make a soft exfoliation
• And ends with a hydrating mask and an eyes cream.
Celebrity beauty tips: Penélope Cruz's perfect skin Celebrity beauty tips: Penelope Cruz's face
Celebrity beauty tips: Penélope Cruz

Celebrity style: Penélope Cruz's style

Penelope Cruz has one of the looks more trendy this season. The actress is one of the best-dressed Hollywood's celebrity. Chic jeans for a perfect... style!
Celebrity style: Penelope Cruz style

Penelope Cruz with Javier Bardem. We love the style of the spanish actress:
Celebrity style: Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem

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