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“Weight Watchers Diet”

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Weight Watchers©: Point Diet to lose weight 10 lbs in 16 weeks.

The secret of the Weight Watchers Diet© consists on eating only the calories your body needs. The Weight Watchers Diet is a weight loss program based in punctuating the food: every person has a certain number of points depending on his age, weight and height. Depending on the quantity of weight that you want to lose, there are 3 variants of the diet: The diet with 18 points is the strictest, and the diet with 26 points is the easiest.

Weight loss: minimum 10 lbs (depend on the diet chosen).
Weight watchers Diet duration: 16 weeks consecutive.

The Weight Watchers Diet was created in 1963 in the United States, and has million users in the world.

Follow the steps of this weight watchers diet menu with the objective of improving health. You will see that this diet entails less sacrifice of what you think.

Weight Watchers© Diet Plan & Weight Watchers© Recipes

Daily total points: 26 points (easy diet)

Breakfast: Bread with salmon.
Ingredients: bread (35 oz, 100 grs), few margarine, 1 spoon of mustard, lettuce, 3 slices of cucumber, fresh cheese light (10 oz, 30 grs), 1 slice of smoked salmon.

Lunch: Salad.
Ingredients: lettuce, 2 mushrooms, corn (15 oz, 50 grs), 1 cucumber, meat (30 oz, 90 grs), 1 tomato, 1/2 pepper, 1/2 onion, fresh cheese.

Dinner: Cod soup.
Ingredients: cod (50 oz, 150 grs), 2 potatoes, 1 little onion, 1 carrot, 1/2 leek, prawns (15 oz, 50 grs), 1 tomato.

Daily total points: 22 points (moderate diet)

Breakfast: 1 milkshake of skimmed milk with fruit.
Ingredients: lemon juice, 1 slice of melon, 1 peach, 3 teaspoons of cereals.

Lunch: Salad with prawns. For dessert, ice cream
Ingredients: lettuce, 5 prawns, avocado (15 oz, 45 grs), a fistful of strawberries. For dressing: cream, yogurt, oil and lemon.

Dinner: Chicken with mushrooms. For dessert, 2 apricots
Ingredients: fillet of chicken (40 oz, 120 grs) with grilled cheese, mushrooms, onion and garlic.

Daily total points: 18 points (strict diet)

Breakfast: Toast with cheese and 1 grapefruit.
Ingredients: 1 slice of whole-wheat bread, a little of margarine light, 1 slice of Gouda cheese, 1 grapefruit and 1 spoon of honey.

Lunch: Skewers of eggplant.
Ingredients: natural tomato, 3 slices of cheese light, 1 piece of bread, and 1 fistful of redcurrants.

Snack: Sherbet of melon and tarragon.

Dinner: Spaghetti with tomato. For dessert, 1 little banana.
Ingredients: olives and a little of parmesan cheese; lettuce with lemon and salt.

Where to buy Weight Watchers© products?

Weight Watchers products are available in all major drug, grocery and discount/warehouse stores (Wal-Mart...) in the weight loss product aisle or online. The Weight Watchers diet is easy to follow.

Weight Watchers© Meetings & Weight Watchers Program

You have to go weekly to Weight Watchers meetings. It's the key of the Weight Watcher program to lose weight. The first meeting is free (you will only pay if you decide to register). The meeting has a duration of 45 minutes up to 1 hour. It's similar to a class for learning Spanish, or Internet.
In the meeting, your monitor controls your weight and advises you and support you to continue your slimming.

Weight Watchers realize a personalized program that is adapted to every person and life style. They teach you how to lose weight taking a balanced nutrition. It's not a question of eating a little, but of eating well.

Weight Watchers meetings objectives are for support and motivate you during the whole process of losing weight. The specializing monitors of Weight Watchers advise you how to lose weight. Later, they help you not to gain the lost pounds. The monitors realize discussions on nutrition, slimming, diet recipes, and tips for a healthy nutrition.

Weight Watchers© Food List (Weight Watchers© Points)

Food between 0 points and 2 points
Green beans: 0 point (nearly all vegetables 0)
Asparagus: 0 point
Strawberries: 0 point (nearly all fruits 0)
Orange: 0 point
Apple: 0 point
Grapes: 1 point (portion)
Honey: 0,50 point
3 slices of cooked ham: 1 point
Light cookie: 1 point
Butter: 1 point
Peas: 1 point
Light mayonnaise: 1 point
Milk chocolate: 1 point
Skimmed yogurt: 1,5 points
Norway lobster: 1,5 points
Canister of mussels: 1,5 points
Cod: 1,5 points
Tuna cake: 1,5 points
Cottage cheese: 1,5 points
A sweet: 1,5 points

Food between 2 points and 4 points
Egg: 2 points
Almonds: 2 points
Glass of semi-skimmed milk: 2 points
Pâté of bird: 2 points
Glass of wine: 2 points
Potatoes (eat all you want): 2 points
Hake: 2 points
Pasta: 2 points
Vanilla cream: 2 points
Banana: 2 points
Chicken nuggets: 2 points
Lentils: 2,5 points
Can of tuna: 2,5 points
3 slices of ham: 3 points
Turkey sandwich: 3 points
Sausage: 3,5 points

Food between 4 points and more points
Ice cream: 4 points
Rice 3 delights: 4 points
Slice of pizza: 4,5 points
Donut: 4,5 points
Potato omelet: 5,5 points
Beer draft: 6 points
Smashed potatoes: 6 points
Veal: 8 points
Double Magnum: 8,5 points

Before starting a diet, please consult your nutritionist, she help you lose weight in good health.


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Diet Menu Plans

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