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Special diet plan:
“No Diet”

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No Diet to weight loss 4 lbs in 7 days. Combine food correctly and eat in specific schedule.

The No Diet was created in USA has a revolutionary method for weight loss. Nutrition specialists have demonstrated that to be thin and healthy, it's important to combine food correctly and eat in specific schedule.

Weight loss: 4 lbs in 7 days. Later the weight loss is moderated.
Diet duration: unlimited.

The no diet is based in 2 characteristics: a suitable schedule for eat, and don't mix certain food.

No Diet weight loss basic rules

A correct food combination favors the intestinal transit and easy digestion, helps to keep good levels of energy, remove toxins continuously through the urine and reduce overweight.

The no diet defines 2 types of food:
- Food without water (called "concentrated" food): carbohydrates, proteins, lacteals and fat.
- Food rich in water: fruits and vegetables. They allow losing weight eliminating toxins

No Diet approach to losing weight

How to weight loss: Rule Nº1
Never eat several concentrated food at the same time (carbs, proteins, lacteals and fat), because it favors the creation of toxins into the organism and it's turned into fat.

How to weight loss: Rule Nº2

Eat the food you want but always use food combinations that made easy digestion.

And so, it's prohibited to combine the following food to lose weight:
  • Don't combine meat with: potatoes, rice, pasta, cheese, bread, egg or lacteals.
  • Don't combine acid with starch: don't eat citrus fruits (grapefruit, lemon) with banana, rice or bread.
  • Don't combine proteins with starch: don't eat eggs with potatoes, bread with cheese, lentils or rice.
  • Don't combine fat with sugar: don't eat coco with grapes, almonds with honey, or oil with melon.
  • Don't combine protein with proteins: don't eat lentils with chicken, or milk with eggs.
  • Don't combine starch with starch: don't eat rice with potatoes, or pasta with oats.
How to weight loss: Rule Nº3
Food must be in the stomach only 3 hours to avoid the gas creation, acidity or indigestion. For this reason, it's necessary to respect the following schedule:

  • 8 hours to eat (from 1pm to 9pm).
  • 8 hours for digestion and corporal reconstruction (from 7pm to 5am). Don't eat anything.
  • 8 hours for elimination (from 5am to 1pm). Eat only fruit, coffee or cereals.

No Diet guidelines for weight loss

Allowed drinks in the no diet:
  • Mineral water
  • Fruit juices
  • Vegetables juice (tomato, carrot)
  • Infusion or tea
  • Coffee
It's important to keep in mind during the no diet:
  • Eat proteins with abundant salad.
  • Eat 2 bananas if you feel hungry.
  • Don't add sweetener to juices.
  • Don't eat any type of bread.
  • Let 4 hours between meals to obtain a good digestion.
  • There are no limitations of dairy products.
  • Don't eat fruit as dessert, because it slows down the digestion.
Before starting a diet, please consult your nutritionist, she help you lose weight in good health.


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