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Rihanna: Healthy Diet to Lose Weight. Celebrity diet, Exercises, Tattoos, Beauty and Style!

Weight: 135 lbs (61 kg)
Height: 5 ft 8 in (1,73 meters)
Age: 36 years old (1988/02/20)
Place of birth: Saint Michael, Barbados.

Rihanna, is the most healthy singer in the world. She became famous with her mega-hit single Umbrella. The pop diva reveals us her secret for weight loss. Discover now her diet !
Celebrity diet: Rihanna

Celebrity diet: Rihanna's diet for Weight Loss

Rihanna is a singer, but also she earns money with her image. So, she makes sure to be always perfect with a healthy and balanced diet, and practicing a lot of exercise:
Celebrity diet: Rihanna

Rihanna: The Healthy Diet for Weight Loss

The secret diet of Rihanna: A healthy diet very low in carbohydrates. Before starting a diet, please consult your doctor or nutritionist.

Rihanna has a toned and healthy figure. The svelte singer claims to never have deliberately set out to lose weight. "I'm working out and trying to eat healthy," she says of her slimming routine. "That's making me lose weight without even thinking about it. I'm not intentionally trying to get skinny."
In order to maintain her ideal body weight, Rihanna is looking everything she eats (as opposed to putting it in her mouth with her eyes closed, no doubt), and consuming carrots, loving lettuce, cucumbers and egg whites, and making her snacks fruit-based ones, and drinking plenty of water.

In addition, Rihanna stays far away from pasta and similar: "I like carbs, but at the end of the day, carbs are the enemy." she said. In each concert Rihanna can lose up to 2000 calories!
Celebrity diet: Rihanna's style
Rihanna on holidays with her former boyfriend Chris Brown in Barbados:
Celebrities: Rihanna and Chris Brown

Celebrity exercises: Rihanna's exercises

Do you know the Rihanna exercises to get in shape? A complete exercise program focused on thighs, abdominals, arms and legs, with the help of a personal trainer.

Rihanna says that her fitness program revolved around a great deal of cardio and weight training 2 or 3 times a week. "I work with a trainer," she explained.

Rihanna exercise program: She alternates 1 day activity and 1 day of rest.

Exercises for Arms and Legs
Rihanna works specially on the arms with light weight lifting and sets of 12 repetitions. "I don't want muscular arms. My legs are my main focus." For this reason, Rihanna does many cardiovascular exercises (running, Pilates, elliptical machine).

Exercises for Abs and Thighs
Rihanna makes a lot of exercises for thighs with her personal trainer. Exercises plan:

SQUATS: Standing, feet open to the width of the hips, bend your knees to sitting down, bust and back straight, and bend the rear backward.

THIGHS: Stand up, make a big step and then bend the front leg to form a right angle with the knee, while the other leg touches the ground lightly.

1st week:
2 sets of 12 squats repetitions + 2 sets of 12 thighs repetitions + 3 sets of 15 abs.

2nd week:
3 sets of 12 squats repetitions + 3 sets of 12 thighs repetitions + 5 sets of 15 abs.

3rd week:
3 sets of 15 squats repetitions + 3 sets of 15 thighs repetitions + 5 sets of 20 abs.

Extra tips by Rihanna: Start each session with exercises for thighs. Caution: to avoid dorsal pains, enter the womb before and during exercise. And for the abs, never lock your feet under a bed or an abs table.
Celebrity exercises: Rihanna

Celebrity style: Rihanna's style is Rock!

The singer Rihanna always highlights her personality and style: skinny ripped jeans and t-shirt with neckline. The slim jean is the big trend of celebrities: mixed with lots of jewelry, embellished jackets, cardigans and coats:
Celebrity style: Rihanna
The Rihanna Treggings are close to the body and shine! The black treggings (new leggings, for who don't know) make their entry into the world of celebrities in their version most brilliant and stretch. Leather or vinyl, Rihanna wears it in all styles: with a tuxedo jacket, with a bustier and with sequins. Rihanna is a real fashion victim!
Celebrity style: Rihanna with leggings and treggings
Rihanna Street style: Rihanna has a great street style!
Celebrity style: Rihanna street style
Rihanna is the diva of the red carpet. Rihanna has more style than ever. A style full of freshness to attend Hollywood events. Pretty, rich and famous. Need anything else?
Celebrity style: Rihanna
during a concert. She's wearing an asymmetrical quilted jacket very trendy. Designers applied as much as they could asymmetry to this fall clothes. Rihanna has style:
Celebrity style: Rihanna

Celebrity beauty tips: Rihanna's beauty secret

The singer Rihannamakes you discover her best beauty tips to feel more secure and take advantage of your personality and style, by Rihanna. Anybody can be as Riahnna:

1- Think you're pretty and attractive (very important)
2- Concentrate on the positives of your body, take advantage and use camouflage (makeup, clothing) for what you do not like.
3- We all like to feel important. Learn to listen with attention and make people around you feel important. Ask interesting questions.
4- The style begins with your personality.
5- Dress as you like. Your clothes don't need to be expensive or the latest fashion accessories and much less common, but few people feel better wearing clothes that do not feel them good.
6- Of course not neglect the personal hygiene (peeling, haircuts).
7- Use fragance but don't overdo it because your body also has a pleasant smell.
8- If it's difficult for you to feel comfortable with your body take dance lessons. Preferably tango, rumba and salsa.
9- Practice good posture.
10- Be yourself. To feel secure you don't need to be a stereotype of beauty.
11- You have a diva in you, take it out, and everybody will admire you.
Celebrity beauty: Rihanna style

Celebrity Tattoos: Rihanna loves Tattoos !

Rihanna has tattoos in all the body. Tattoos on the hands and neck:
Celebrity Tattoos: Rihanna Tattoo Celebrity Tattoos: Rihanna Tattoo
Celebrity Tattoos: Rihanna Tattoo
Rihanna's tattoos in fingers: "Shhh..." and "Love":
Celebrity Tattoos: Rihanna Tattoo Celebrity Tattoos: Rihanna Tattoo
Celebrity Tattoos: Rihanna Tattoo
Rihanna's tattoos in her hand and ribs: guns. In the foot, a Miami artist tattooed a skull:
Celebrity Tattoos: Rihanna Tattoo
Rihanna's tattoos: on the neck, and behind and inside ears:
Celebrity Tattoos: Rihanna Tattoo Celebrity Tattoos: Rihanna Tattoo
Celebrity Tattoos: Rihanna Tattoo

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