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Celebrity Diet
“Katie Holmes”

Katie Holmes: The "KH" Vegetable Diet. Healthy. Celebrity diet, Exercises, Style & Beauty secrets !

Weight: 143 lbs (65 kg)
Height: 5 ft 9 in (1,75 meters)
Age: 45 years old (1978/12/18)
Place of birth: Toledo, Ohio, USA.

Katie Holmes, is an actress. She became famous with the series Dawson's Creek. The actress was married with Tom Cruise. Katie Holmes has always been thin and healthy:
Celebrity diet: Katie Holmes

Celebrity diet: Katie Holmes's diet for Weight Loss

Does Katie Holmes take care about healthy silhouette for being thin? Katie Holmes reveals us that she follows also a vegetable diet and also practice a lot of sport as running:
Celebrity diet: Katie Holmes

Celebrity diet: "KH" Vegetable Diet by Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes follows a strict diet based on vegetables, also called the KH diet (for Katie Holmes). In an interview, Katie Holmes confesses us her daily menu for losing weight:
For breakfast, she eats oats flakes with apple and a cappuccino coffee.
For lunch, she eats carrot soup, organic raw broccoli and a cappuccino coffee.
For dinner: lettuce, tomato and tofu or fish.
And between hours to satisfy hunger she eats cookies and Coke light.

Her favourite food: "I love the Cappuccino coffee. They have many calories, but I take at least 2 or 3 per day!"

Should I follow the KH vegetable diet or not? According to our experts: "Obviously the vegetable diet is hypocaloric and excellent for losing weight, always if you don't follow it during many days because it has a small amount of protein (tofu). Before following this diet, please consult your doctor or nutritionist.”

On the left picture, Katie Holmes has quickly recovered her ideal weight after pregnancy:
Celebrity diet: Katie Holmes Celebrity diet: Katie Holmes
Celebrity diet: Katie Holmes

Celebrity exercises for Weight Loss: Katie Holmes

What is the secret of Katie Holmes for a healthy body? Plenty of jogging! Katie Holmes recently ran the New York City marathon and trained very hard to do it. In addition, she trains 4 times a week with her personal trainer, especially the thighs (weights and cardiovascular exercises).

For running, she uses her iPod listening Rihanna, Kayne West and Keyshia Cole songs:
Celebrity exercise: Katie Holmes runningCelebrity exercise: Katie Holmes dancing
Celebrity exercise: Katie Holmes

In addition, since she was a child, she loves to dance and basketball (her father was coach). She daily plays basketball with her children: "I am very good catching rebounds". In winter she practices skiing and ice skating in her house of Telluride.

Katie Holmes on holidays, together with her former husband, the actor Tom Cruise:
Celebrity exercise: Katie Holmes - Tom Cruise Celebrity exercises: Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise running
Celebrity exercise: Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes Beauty Secret: XXL sunglasses!

Katie Holmes makes you discover her best beauty secret for a very Hollywood style.

To highlight her magnificent green eyes and face, Katie Holmes loves to wear XXL sunglasses. Hair collected behind the ears increase the sunglasses style.

The trend of XXL sunglasses is still fashion and a design that surround the eye is essential. "Add a touch of gloss to make your image even more irresistible", said the actress.
Celebrity Beauty Secret: Katie Holmes sunglasses Katie Holmes Beauty Secret: XXL sunglasses
Celebrity Beauty Secret: Katie Holmes sunglasses

Celebrity Style: Katie Holmes' Style with Jeans

Denim lesson from Katie Holmes. The nature gave to Katie Holmes a so perfect body that the jeans make look her always great. In any case, former Mrs Cruise decided not to choose between jeans. Each day she dresses different jeans...

slim                         grunge                         high size                     boyfriend
Katie Holmes: Celebrity Style to dress Jeans
hippy                             slim black                   XXL                             shorty
Katie Holmes: Celebrity Style to dress Jeans

Her friend Victoria Beckham says from her "Her silhouette is incredible. Her style is classical, unlike the majority of women in Los Angeles. She seems to be European". 
Celebrity style: Katie Holmes Style

And Tom Cruise... What style does he prefers for Katie Holmes? (celebrity style)

Classic style. «Tom loved my style, especially with jacket and skirt. He told me sometimes: "It fits you well. You seem to feel secure." It gave me the confidence I needed»

Katie Holmes met for the first time to Tom Cruise in a working meeting. In 2 and a half years there were marriage proposal (at the top of the Eiffel Tower), wedding (in an Italian Castle) and parenting (including Tom 2 children).
Celebrity style: Katie Holmes - Tom Cruise Celebrity style: Katie Holmes
Celebrity style: Katie Holmes

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