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Celebrity Diet
“Vanessa Hudgens”

Vanessa Hudgens: Portion Control Diet.
Celebrity diet for weight loss & Celebrity Style !

Weight: 104 lbs (47 kg)
Height: 5 ft 1.5 in (1,56 meters)
Age: 35 years old (1988/12/14)
Place of birth: Salinas, California, USA.

Vanessa Hudgens, singer and actress in Disney serie High School Musical, hasn't problems with her weight. She's her ideal body weight. Discover now her celebrity diet.
Before starting a diet, please consult your doctor or nutritionist:
Celebrity diet: Vanessa Hudgens Celebrity style: Vanessa Hudgens
Celebrity style: Vanessa Hudgens

Celebrity diet for Weight Loss: Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens, reveals us her diet secret in Self Magazine. She follows a portion control diet and practices exercise several times a week:
Celebrity exercise: Vanessa Hudgens

For the diet, I follow the Portion Control Diet:
"I use to eat small portions of food. It consists of eating 5 times a day, always small quantities. It's better for weight loss than eating 3 times a day. Sincerely, when I tried to follow a diet eating less carbs and more protein I finally increase some pounds."

My favourite dish: "Cheetos snacks. One day, I was sick in bed watching the series Lost, I ate a whole bag without realizing it. I also love chocolate. I cannot live without it. During the filming of the movie High School Musical, I ate chocolate at any hours, even when I didn't want, I had chocolate in the mouth!"

For the abdominal muscles: "My secret for the abdominal is practicing Pilates".

Fitness exercise: "I like to be at the first line during Spinning classes. I feel the energy of the people behind me and that pushes me to give the better of me."

Celebrity Style: Vanessa Hudgens's style & look

The actress Vanessa Hudgens has renounced to the informal "look" with which she became famous and now prefers to show off her silhouette. Her favourite fashion designers: Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs. Their specialities: dresses for cocktail with bright colours. Vanessa Hudgens is sweet. She has her ideal body weight:
Celebrity style: Vanessa Hudgens

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