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Fergie: Diet to lose 15 lbs. Remove cellulite. Celebrity diet, Exercises for cellulite and Style !

Weight: 105 lbs (48 kg)
Height: 5 ft 2.5 in (1,59 meters)
Age: 49 years old (1975/04/27)
Place of birth: California, USA.

Fergie, Black Eyed Peas singer, is famous for her athletic body and her bling-bling style. She is full of energy. She's also the queen of the party in Hollywood. Discover her diet to lose weight 15 lbs and her secrets to remove cellulite:
Celebrity diet: FergieCelebrity diet: Fergie
Celebrity diet: Fergie

Celebrity diet: The Fergie's Weight Loss Diet

Fergie follows a balanced diet. She doesn't suffer any food disorders. She eats a variety of all food. The fergie's athletic silhouette is the result of many exercises and healthy diet. She loves salads, lean meat and yogurts. Before starting a diet, please consult your nutritionist:
Celebrity diet: Fergie's style

Fergie doesn't remove any food groups from her diet, adapting her diet to her current needs. The singer avoids any fat meat (such as lamb and ribs) and chooses the finer cuts and better quality (for example the filet).

Fergie admits that sometimes goes to McDonald's. "When you travel, sometimes it's the only thing there is. Salads are usually good, and I like chicken fajitas. I eat yogurts for dessert."

Celebrity diet: How to lose 15 lbs like Fergie

Fergie recently lost 15 lbs thanks to a custom diet plan created by a nutritionist.

The Fergie's diet to lose 15 lbs is based on a healthy food (organic food if possible - no processed foods), and control portion diet. She eats every 3 hours in small quantities to keep her metabolism high.
Celebrity style: Fergie street style

Celebrity diet: Fergie's dieting menu to lose 15 lbs

Following the Fergie dieting menu made by her nutritionist.

A vegetarian omelet with 6 whites of egg, dressed with spicy sauce. Accompanied with 2 toasts of wholemeal bread with 2 spoonfuls of peanut butter. An excellent breakfast to start the day!

A low-fat yogurt without calories (or fresh cheese) and 1 seasonal fruit.

Mixed lettuce salad, 1 quarter of avocado, 4 pieces of chicken grilled (for the proteins) and half grapefruit (rich in antioxidants), all dressed with a vinaigrette without fat.

Organic non-fat cheese (like mozzarella) and up to 8 rice cookies. Fergie never leaves her house without her cookies.

Before Dinner:
Mashed vegetables soup - without cream. With only 50 calories per cup, this soup fills the stomach perfectly. Another light alternative? 2 spoonfuls of carrots with humus, or 1 cup of pop corn.

Salmon (rich in Omega-3) and half cup of  couscous (whole wheat). Fergie alternates with grilled chicken with balsamic vinegar, brown rice and steamed spinach.

Celebrity tips: The Fergie Secret to Burn Fat

Fergie takes 2 spoonfuls of vinegar every day. This tonic home treatment has been used for 10,000 years. It's effective to increase metabolism, break down the fat and block the formation of fat.

Although Fergie has left behind the consumption of unhealthy substances, a few years ago, she took diet pills called "Hoodia Gordonii" (famous pills in Hollywood). Don't do it ever!
Celebrity diet: Fergie's style

Celebrity Exercises: Fergie's exercises for Cellulite

Fergie confesses training 6 times a week. She uses the step machine for 45-60 minutes to shape her figure and remove cellulite. She's also a big fan of running and elliptical machine. She never misses a workout, even when she travels!
Fergie: Celebrity Exercises for CelluliteCelebrity exercises: Fergie running
Fergie: Celebrity Exercises for Cellulite

The American singer goes running through Hollywood to reduce cellulite:
Fergie: Celebrity Exercises for Cellulite Fergie: Celebrity Exercises for Cellulite
Fergie: Celebrity Exercises for Cellulite

Celebrity style: The Fergie's style: Pure DJ style!

Fergie is sweet and rock. We absolutely adore Fergie's style. It's at once bling-bling and rocker chic. Any style suggestions?
Celebrity style: Fergie

Fergie has the most copied style this season: DJ's style from Hollywood:
Celebrity style: Fergie

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