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Celebrity Diet
“Anne Hathaway”

Anne Hathaway: The Detox Diet by Anne Hathaway. Celebrity diet, Exercises, Style & Beauty tips!

Weight: 137 lbs (62 kg)
Height: 5 ft 7.25 in (1,71 meters)
Age: 41 years old (1982/11/12)
Place of birth: Brooklyn, New York,USA.

Anne Hathaway, actress, is an explosive cocktail of Irish, French and American blood. She is one of the most refreshing faces of Hollywood, and the natural successor of stars as Meg Ryan or Julia Roberts. Discover now her healthy diet and beauty tips to lose weight.

The film the Devil Wears Prada made her successful. From an intimidated assistant, she became an ultra-modern fashion-victim, extravagant and sublime:
Celebrity diet: Anne Hathaway Celebrity diet: Anne Hathaway
Celebrity diet: Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway is sparkling, dynamic and enthusiastic, and with a wonderful white smile, with large brown eyes and a delicious spontaneity.
Celebrity diet: Anne Hathaway
Anne Hathaway is not especially pretty - but she's very close to people and funny:
Celebrity diet: Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway: Celebrity diet for Weight Loss

Anne Hathaway loves hot lunch. She daily eats a lot of fruits, vegetables and fish. Before the movie the Devil Wears Prada, she confessed she did a strict diet and passed a lot of hunger! This diet is to be avoided, because it causes anxiety and causes the opposite effect at medium term, the "yo-yo" effect.

Anne Hathaway confesses to be ready to meet any requirements of the scenario to playing a role: "I have no problem to do it if it is required: lose weight, gain pounds..."

Her favorite food: "hot pepper sauce and jalapeños", she says. They make food taste delicious and turn down hunger, so you eat less. Clever Anne Hathaway!

Celebrity diet: Anne HathawayCelebrity style: Anne Hathaway
Celebrity diet: Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway and the detox diet (the secret to have a radiant face)

Each day, Anne Hathaway consumes 2 spoons of cold pressure olive oil before going to bed in order to stimulate your liver and help to remove toxins from the body.

Her liver removes toxins accumulated during the day, and allows you to have a baby skin since awakening!

She also maintains her radiant complexion with sauna sessions that enable her to transpire and further eliminate these toxins.

If this remedy is not enough, and if you still feel the need to go further, especially after a good lunch or a party dinner, consume a spoon of castor oil (Yes Yes! You have read correctly!) in order to accelerate drastically the intestinal activity.

In general, instead of eliminating the toxins once there are inside the body, Anne Hathaway limits them by eating 100% organic food.
Celebrity diet: Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway: Celebrity exercises weight loss

Anne Hathaway is strengthening her legs, lungs and heart and with jogging.
On the photos, Anne Hathaway and her friend Kate Hudson running in New York:
Celebrity exercises: Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson JoggingCelebrity exercises: Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson Jogging
Celebrity exercises: Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson Jogging
Celebrity exercises: Anne Hathaway

Exercises: Anne Hathaway's Jogging Training Plan

Following, we will show you the Anne Hathaway's training plan designed by her personal trainer. What are you waiting for running outdoors?
  • Run 3 or 4 sessions per week. It is the best way to achieve maximum performances. Always during more than 20 minutes and less than 45 minutes.
  • Warm up and stretch. Of course, exercises for warming up muscles. At the end, a stronger stretching.
  • From less to more. Start with a soft rhythm, go fast and finish slowly in order to help the body to restore calm.

Anne Hathaway has chosen to run because of different advantages, by Anne Hathaway:

  • You can breathe clean air, enjoy nature and you can do it with friends.
  • Legs work and provides a good overall.
  • It is easy to connect it with any job agenda.
  • Sports centre is not required.

After training, Anne Hathaway uses Natura Bissé Gel Fitness ($58,50) to relax tired leg muscles and to increase the results using specific products to reduce, reaffirm and fight cellulite.

Celebrity beauty tips: Anne Hathaway's beauty tips

The Anne Hathaway’s beauty tip is her ingenuity expression (good girl face), large and deep brown eyes, fleshy lips and radiant smile. The actress makes you discover her best beauty secret...

Her beauty tip: "drink a lot of water, don’t take to much sun and avoid caloric drinks."

Her preferred perfume: Lancôme Magnifique (Anne is the new look of the perfume).
It's a symbol of femininity and sensuality. An intense red passion perfume.

Her preferred cosmetics: "I like the Lancôme products." I daily use mask, bar pink lips, moisturizing with colour Summer Sensuelle, with SPF, of course!

"For the body, without doubt Nutrix Royal with a delightful texture", says the actress:
Celebrity beauty tips: Anne Hathaway - Lancôme

Anna Hathaway' style: "I'm not a Fashion Victim"

Anne Hathaway confesses "I love clothes, and overall fashion clothes, but I don't need to wear the most fashion, the newest ".

Anne Hathaway loves Burberry and Tom Ford clothes. In these photo, Anne Hathaway with Tom Ford sunglasses and Burberry Prorsum Degrade Heritage Cotton Gabardine Trench Coat ($2495). Anne Hathaway in New York, photo in december 2008:
Celebrity style: Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway accompanied by Valentino at the premiere of "Valentino: The Last Emperor". Anne Hathaway dressed all from Valentino.
Anne Hathaway - ValentinoCelebrity style: Anne Hathaway
Celebrity style: Anne Hathaway
Celebrity style: Anne Hathaway
Celebrity style: Anne Hathaway Celebrity style: Anne Hathaway
Celebrity style: Anne Hathaway

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