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Celebrity diet
“Katy Perry”

Katy Perry: Diet Portion Control. Weight Loss Diet. Celebrity diet, Exercises, Style and Beauty secrets!

Weight: 130 lbs (59 kg)
Height: 5 ft 7 in (1,70 meters)
Age: 39 years old (1984/10/25)
Place of birth: Santa Barbara, California, USA.

Katy Perry, singer, fashion and rebel has a perfect style and ideal body weight. Katy Perry is not a model, never care herself, and never goes to the gym. She's a normal girl with her charms and her shortcomings: "When I go on stage, I'm not aware of what I'm wearing or my weight. Dress me is like disguise me, I love it and it's funny." Discover her diet:
Celebrity diet: Katy Perry

Katy Perry: Celebrity diet for Weight Loss

Katy Perry confesses to use the best solution for weight loss: The Diet Portion Control.
Tthe singer eats small portions of food, 5 times per day. In addition, she has dinner early: "If you go to bed right after dinner, you get overweight faster". In addition Katy Perry says she drinks a lot of water, fruit juices, and drink 2 beers per day maximum.

For me, a perfect dinner is to stay at home with a Japanese, not a man, but Japanese food, watching a movie on the couch and grabbing my boy.

Katy Perry favorites food: "I love chocolate and I'm fan of the Thermomix, and love to eat pizza" confesses the singer. Celebrity diet: Katy Perry

Katy Perry: Celebrity exercises for Weight Loss

Katy Perry hates exercise but loves jump rope. She carries with her a jump rope everywhere - it's very cheap and easy to carry on trips.

The singer says that "You have to follow a rhythm when you jump rope. It seems a dance. I can bend the jump, I can cross paths. I can do all this. I feel like Rocky when I use the jump rope!"

"I work very hard. Singing 5 nights a week is really tiring. It's so hard ."
Hey Katy, but how many days per week do you think the rest of people work?
Celebrity exercises: Jump rope

Celebrity beauty tips: Katy Perry's Style

The singer Katy Perry makes you discover her best beauty secret to have a Rock&Roll Style that defies all stereotypes:
Celebrity style: Katy Perry Celebrity style: Katy Perry
Celebrity style: Katy Perry

Katy Perry is a fan of the most irreverent dresses. Since she was a kid, she loves the flower print dresses by Laura Ashley and Dr Martens boots.

Katy Perry
recommends to mix the latest in fashion apparel and accessories low cost. The singer says "my wardrobe is crazy." Katy Perry recommends men's boots from New York outlets, vintage jewelry, men's clothing and pants from the punk store Trash and Vaudeville (4, St Mark's Place, NYC).
Celebrity style: Katy Perry

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