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Celebrity diet
“Mariah Carey”

Mariah Carey: Healthy diet for weight loss. Diet plan. Celebrity diet, Exercises, Style and Beauty secrets!

Weight: 135 lbs (63 kg)
Height: 5 ft 7 in (1,70 meters)
Age: 54 years old (1970/03/27)
Place of birth: Huntington, New York, USA.

Mariah Carey, R&B singer, follows the dietary recommendations of her nutritionist, who indicates the healthy diet plan that suits her, and her exercise plan. Thus, the singer avoided surprises with the scale. Discover now the Mariah Carey's diet for weight loss.
Before starting a diet, please consult your doctor or nutritionist:
Celebrity diet: Mariah Carey diet

Mariah Carey: Celebrity diet for Weight Loss

Mariah Carey has reached her ideal body weight, she's great! Mariah Carey follows a healthy diet for improving her silhouette and having a maximum of energy for daily activities, events and concerts. Are you ready to know the Mariah Carey's diet for weight loss?
Celebrity diet: Mariah Carey diet

Celebrity diet: Mariah Carey diet for Weight Loss

Mariah Carey eats 5 small balanced meals throughout the day. These meals are based on soup and cooked fish without fat. "I use to eat small portions of food. It consists of eating 5 times a day, always small quantities. It's better for weight loss than eating 3 times a day. Sincerely, when I tried to follow a different diet I finally increase some pounds" says Mariah.

Her personal trainer reveals us the Mariah Carey diet:

Breakfast: Omelet with 2 eggs, 1 fruit and a bit of bread if the weight of Mariah Carey is fine.
Lunch: Proteins (fish), chicken or filet.
Dinner: Proteins and vegetables, such as swordfish and spinach.
Snacks between hours: It's the biggest challenge of Mariah Carey. She needs to eat compote of apples or raw vegetables - something light.

The Mariah Carey's favorite food:
 "I love pizza. When I go back home (New York) after a long trip, I always eat one slice." Her passion for ice cream has forced her coach to avoid it from the fridge. On these pictures, Mariah Carey with a great style:
Celebrity style: Mariah Carey style

Celebrity exercises: Mariah Carey's exercises

The gym sessions of Mariah Carey depend on the burden of her agenda and her seriousness with the food. Between 90 minutes and 2 hours, 3 to 4 time a week. "When she needs to wear a tight dress, she does more exercises" confesses the Mariah Carey personal trainer.

Mariah Carey combines aerobic exercises and static bike. She also swims daily 15 minutes and makes exercises in the water to increase her strengthens. She uses the services of a personal trainer, "He makes me things easier," confessed the singer.

Mariah Carey also works out specific muscles groups with Pilates, weights lifting and stretching. For example, "Mariah Carey squeeze a ball with legs - is to strengthen the thighs. She does also 100 abs per day" says her coach:
Celebrity exercises: Mariah Carey baseball Celebrity exercises: Mariah Carey
Celebrity exercises: Mariah Carey

Celebrity beauty tips: Mariah Carey's beauty secrets

Mariah Carey makes you discover her best beauty secrets: "after my exercise, I realize a tonic massages and applying a firming cream to fight cellulite located in the legs. The result is amazing!" says the singer.
Celebrity exercises: Mariah Carey fitness Mariah Carey Exercises
Celebrity exercises: Mariah Carey fitness

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