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Celebrity diet
“Christina Aguilera”

Christina Aguilera: Pregnancy diet. Overweight. Celebrity diet, Exercises, Style and Beauty secrets!

Weight: 110 lbs (50 kg)
Height: 5 ft 1.5 in (1,56 meters)
Age: 43 years old (1980/12/18)
Place of birth: Staten Island, NY, USA.

Christina Aguilera, R&B singer, is full of energy with her bling-bling style. After childbirth, the Moulin Rouge singer has been overweight for a few months. After pregnancy, Christina Aguilera followed weight loss diet to retrieve her silhouette of diva. Discover now her diet after pregnancy and beauty secrets:
Celebrity diet: Christina Aguilera Celebrity diet: Christina Aguilera
Celebrity diet: Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera: Celebrity diet for Weight Loss

It's well known in Hollywood, that Christina Aguilera is fan of the junk food, the main guilty for her recent overweight problems. Following the full Christina Aguilera diet for weight loss.
Before starting a diet, please consult your doctor or nutritionist:
Celebrity diet: Christina Aguilera overweight

Celebrity diet: Christina Aguilera overweight

Christina Aguilera is fan of the junk food, the main guilty of having gained some extra pounds. The singer loves french fries and Oreo cookies that she hides in her dressing room. On several occasions, we saw her eating nachos and chicken wings with cheese sauce. But the truth is that Christina Aguilera deliberately increases her intake of carbs to increase resistance during the tours. Performing intensely on stage night after night takes endless energy. Singing and dancing on tour can burn off between 2,000 and 4,000 calories a night. Don't care Christina, you have a great figure!

Christina Aguilera has curves and hips. Christina Aguilera is happy with her figure: "I like having curves when I look in the mirror. I feel great and secure. And this is a good thing for me".

Christina Aguilera has increased few pounds after her pregnancy and breastfeeding:
Celebrity diet: Christina Aguilera overweight

The diva Christina Aguilera accompanied by her husband Jordan Bratman, and her son Max, in their Mediterranean-style mansion in Los Angeles.
Celebrities: Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman Celebrities: Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman
Celebrities: Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman

Celebrity diet: Christina Aguilera's pregnancy diet (celebrity secrets to lose 25 lbs)

Christina Aguilera made a great effort to lose 25 lbs in the first 6 months after her pregnancy, and now is more healthy than ever. How she gets the motivation to lose weight?

Her secret: hire a cooking chef and eat healthier!

Christina Aguilera has drastically reduced the consumption of fast food to only once a week. She has hired a private chef who cooks at home healthier versions of all her favorite foods to help her lose those extra pounds and increase her energy.

Christina Aguilera
with sunglasses by Oliver Peoples, 'Sofiane' model $240:
Celebrity diet: Christina Aguilera after pregnant diet

Christina Aguilera: Exercises for Weight Loss

Christina Aguilera works very hard to keep her sculptural body. She has an exercise program designed by her personal trainer. The program includes 3 sessions per week during 50 minutes (preferably every 2 days).

Fitness Program of Christina Aguilera:

6 minutes of warm-up: sequences of easy movements, increase heart rate and muscle preparation.

36 minutes of dance: progressive learning of the choreography with one objective: have fun while burning calories.

8 minutes of cool down stretch: gradual cool-down, decreased heart rate. Muscle stretching to improve flexibility and facilitate the recovery.

Her extra tip: for best results, Christina Aguilera adds weight strapped to her ankles and wrists. In addition, she shower her legs with cold water after the exercises to emphasize the vascular benefit. Nice tips Christina!
Celebrity exercises: Christina Aguilera

Celebrity style: Christina Aguilera's style

Pretty, rich and famous... Christina Aguilera is has more style than ever. A retro style full of freshness to go during the day to Hollywood events. White is her favorite color:
Celebrity style: Christina Aguilera

Beauty tips: Style Tips by Christina Aguilera

The American singer gives us her 7 style secrets to have a perfect style. The first one? Attitude is everything, by Christina Aguilera.

1- Feel secure. Don't leave home wearing something you doubt or makes you feel uncomfortable. The attitude is very important, and insecurity can ruin the best look.

2- T-shirt, uncovered. Beautiful t-shirt has to be taught. Never neglect your t-shirt. I encourage you to wear corset as a top!

3- Beauty and makeup. Glowing radiant skin, perfect hair and perfect manicure will see you and show you glamorous.

4- Accessories. Add to your look necklaces, earrings, bracelets, you'll be a diva!

5- Search for individuality. Decide who you want to be, without paying attention to fashion, and make your wardrobe becomes an extension of your personality.

6- Expensive doesn't mean style. Mix some expensive clothes with outlet clothes. It's the best style. Look for bargains.

7- Take out the top model you have in you. If you walk down the street with jeans and Converse sneakers, you have to feel secure, show off you energy and personality!
Celebrity style tips: Christina Aguilera

Celebrity cellulite: Christina Aguilera with cellulite

Christina Aguilera has cellulite. You thought that the celebrities are from another world?
All women have cellulite. Check ou yourself in these photos with Christina Aguilera cellulite:
Celebrity cellulite: Christina Aguilera with cellulite

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