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Celebrity Diet & Model Diet
“Tyra Banks”

Tyra Banks: Healthy Diet. Weight Loss. Model Diet. Celebrity diet, Exercises, Style and Beauty secrets!

Weight: 161 lbs (73 kg)
Height: 5 ft 10 in (1,78 meters)
Age: 50 years old (1973/12/04)
Place of birth: Inglewood, California, USA.

Tyra Bank, is a top model, actress, tv show woman and business woman (salary 2012: $23 million). She became famous during the annual fashion runway of "angels" for the lingerie brand Victoria's Secret. Discover now her secret healthy diet for weight loss!
Celebrity diet: Tyra Banks Celebrity diet: Tyra Banks
Celebrity diet: Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks: Celebrity diet for Weight Loss

Tyra Banks follows a healthy diet. Tyra Banks has seen many changes in her body since she stopped modeling and started focusing on her tv career.
Celebrity diet: Tyra Banks

Celebrity Diet: The Healthy Diet by Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks says in the Fitness magazine that she's following a healthy diet and practices plenty of exercise. The former top model is shaped.

Celebrity diet: Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks confesses she eats plenty of fresh fruits, salads with chicken, shrimp, or other protein, and she snacks on crudités with onion dip. She recently hired a part time chef to help her out in the evenings. “He makes meals and leaves them for me when I get home,” she says.

Her favorites food: "I love mango and papayas. Sometimes when I watch tv at night, I love eating microwave popcorn and Tang as a dinner", says the model.

Should I follow the diet or not? According to our experts: "The Tyra Banks's diet is healthy. The WHO recommends a healthy and balanced diet to be in good shape and live longer."

Tyra Banks: Celebrity exercises for Weight

Tyra Banks reveals in the Shape Magazine that “I didn’t work out during months.. Months! But then I’d get on a kick and become really motivated and do 3 miles every day on the treadmill for weeks. Now I’m much more diligent. I do treadmill intervals – I mix walking and running. Or I just run outside” she admits.

Tyra Banks is worried about her figure. She has tendency to "yo-yo" with her weight. In photos, the model practicing Pilates on the beach and running with her personal trainer.
Celebrity exercises: Tyra Banks

Eyes make-up: Beauty Secrets of Tyra Banks

The model Tyra Banks makes you discover her best beauty secret:
How to make-up your eyes, by Tyra Banks.

"Use a white eye pencil in the line of the eye in the lower eyelid. This helps the eyes look larger. You can use only half of the eyelid outwards" recommends the model.
Beauty tips: Tyra Banks - Eyes make up Beauty tips: Tyra Banks - Eyes make up"
Beauty tips: Tyra Banks - Eyes make up

In addition, Tyra Banks gives you other beauty tips to make-up your eyes:
• For a more precise and defined look, by applying the pencil, use short strokes and soft.
• For eyes, comb and define your eyebrows with clear mascara (without trace).
• To remove mascara stains on eyelids, apply a makeup remover with cotton.
• To make the shadows last longer, apply foundation on your eyelids before.Beauty tips: Tyra Banks - Eyes make up"

Celebrity style: Tyra Banks' style

Tyra Banks has an elegant style. Tyra Banks advise to have 2 or 3 good quality clothes and mix with other low-priced. We absolutely love her style:Celebrity style: Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks with a fabulous figure, and black dress (her favorites). The TV show woman is in the best-dressed list of Vanity Fair.
Celebrity style: Tyra Banks

Celebrity makeup: Tyra Banks without make-up

Be a top model doesn't mean be a perfect beauty. In photo, Tyra Banks without makeup:
Celebrity busted: Tyra Banks

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