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Celebrity Diet
“Nicole Kidman”

Nicole Kidman: Organic food & Organic diet. Celebrity diet, Style, Exercise & Beauty tips!

Weight: 145 lbs (66 kg)
Height: 5 ft 10.5 in (1,79 meters)
Age: 55 years old (1967/06/20)
Place of birth: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.

Nicole Kidman, Australian actress and model. She recognizes taking care a lot about what she eats, but she isn’t very friendly with diets or gyms. Nicole Kidman has a healthy silhouette, and she's one of the most elegant women in Hollywood. Discover now her organic diet and beauty secrets!

At the Academy (picture on the right), she's wearing diamonds with more than 1,000 carats!
Celebrity diet: Nicole Kidman - Organic foodCelebrity diet: Nicole Kidman - Organic food
Celebrity diet: Nicole Kidman

Celebrity diet: Nicole Kidman's organic food & diet

Her secret for a healthy bodyweight and a bright face: organic food and organic diet. Before starting a diet, please consult your doctor or nutritionist.

The actress only eats organic food without treatment because she is afraid of pesticides. At her age, she knows that she needs to choose a good nutrition to help her skin and body to be young and in good health.

Nicole Kidman
eats small portions of food to keep the body in good shape. The actress confesses "I have to eat several times per day to satisfy me". After the pregnancy of her daughter Sunday Rose, "I had a few pounds over the waist, but nothing I hasn’t been able to reduce with the stress to have been mother at the age of 41."

"I try to eat well, only organic food: salads, fish and sometimes pasta, but I am no friend of food with a high fat content", says in reference to the importance of a healthy diet.

Nicole Kidman is naturally tall, elegant and intelligent. We love her style:
Celebrity diet: Nicole Kidman - Organic food Celebrity diet: Nicole Kidman - Organic food
Régime de star: Celebrity diet: Nicole Kidman

Celebrity exercises for Weight Loss: Nicole Kidman

When Nicole Kidman is asked for which kind of exercise she practices to keep the figure, she explains that, due to the fact to have grown closed to the sea, she has "a very special relationship with the water". She declares that she loves swimming daily 30 minutes, although "now I prefer to do it in the pool". It's the best way to keep the body in good shape, says the actress.

In addition, Nicole Kidman loves playing tennis 1 h - 2 times a week. In addition for her role in the movie Australia, she learned to ride a horse, "It was much more difficult to what I thought at first, you need a good muscled back", she says.
Celebrity exercises for Weight Loss: Nicole Kidman Celebrity exercises for Weight Loss: Nicole Kidman
Celebrity exercises: Nicole Kidman

On these photos you can see Nicole Kidman following enthusiastic, her personal trainer on the roads of Los Angeles:
Celebrity exercises for Weight Loss: Nicole Kidman

Celebrity beauty tips: Luminous Skin Care, the beauty secret of Nicole Kidman!

The actress Nicole Kidman makes you discover her best beauty secret for a luminous skin care that shines with its own light all day long: 6 gestures to get a luminous skin, by Nicole Kidman.

Luminous skin. Get radiant skin face with an intensive facial cleaning twice per week.
Reflexology against bags and eye ring. Massage around the eyes to decongest.
Bust and cleavage. It’s one of the most beautiful body part of a woman. But also one of the most age predictable of a woman. And therefore it requires daily cares to always look young and smooth. Recover the optimal level of hydration, firmness, and freshness with creams and reaffirming treatments.
Nice hands. A treatment anti-aging helps to show off perfect and nurturing hands.
Luminous face. During winter, when your face is paler, you can use these tips to recover the natural colour. Use an auto tanning facial cream with a lighter tone than you will use in summer and add more colours with some touches of blusher. Let some hairs falling down in your face to have more style.
Celebrity beauty tips: Luminous Skin Care - Nicole Kidman

Celebrity style: Nicole Kidman's style

Nicole Kidman has a fresh and elegant style. She can wear avant-garde, funkier clothes because she'll make all look beautiful. It's her natural radiance that transcends the clothes.
Celebrity style: Nicole Kidman's style

We love the Nicole Kidman's style. She's got the style:
Celebrity style: Nicole Kidman

Celebrity cellulite: Nicole Kidman with cellulite

Nicole Kidman has also cellulite. You thought that celebrities are from another world? All women have cellulite, find out!

It's true that we needed a magnifying glass to find the cellulite of Nicole Kidman, but we did it:
Celebrity busted: Nicole Kidman with celluliteCelebrity busted: Nicole Kidman with cellulite
Celebrity cellulite: Nicole Kidman

Celebrity busted: Nicole Kidman with Photoshop

Nicole Kidman is one of the best paid actresses and plays in many advertising campaigns. In photo, Nicole Kidman without makeup. Thank you Photoshop!
Celebrity busted: Nicole Kidman with Photoshop

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