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Celebrity Diet & Model Diet
“Kate Moss”

Kate Moss: Detox diet for weight loss. Model Diet. Celebrity diet, Exercises, Style and Beauty tips!

Weight: 105 lbs (48 kg)
Height: 5 ft 6.5 in (1,69 meters)
Age: 49 years old (1974/01/16)
Place of birth: London, England.

Kate Moss
, top model and fashion icon, she has been the cover to over 300 magazines! No other top model has so much influence in the fashion industry as her. Kate Moss is owner of the Topshop clothing brand. Kate Moss is an icon for millions of young women. Discover now the detox diet to lose weight:
Celebrity style: Kate Moss' style

Kate Moss: Celebrity diet for Weight Loss

Kate Moss has always had pretty arms, tight abs and thin legs. But how she did it? Even after pregnancy, she recovered her model body shape very quickly. The Kate Moss secret is to follow a detox diet.
Celebrity diet: Kate Moss

Celebrity diet: Kate Moss' detox diet to lose weight

Kate Moss follows the detox diet to keep her body in good shape. Before following this diet, please consult your doctor or nutritionist.

The detox diet consists on reducing radically the calories ingested to remove the excess of fat and clean the body of toxins produced by disordered eating and unbalanced.

Kate Moss
explains an example of her daily menu:
  • Breakfast: 1 shake with apple and water, no sugar or sweetener.
  • Mid-morning: 1 tomato and 1 apple.
  • Lunch: Vegetable soup, 1 orange juice, and 1 mixed fruit salad.
  • Snack: 1 cup of tea with sweetener, 1 orange.
  • Dinner: Zucchini, 1 kiwi.
Should I follow the detox diet or not? According to our experts: "The detox diet is an effective diet to burn fat. It's recommended to follow this diet no more than 2 days, because is a very low-calorie, and can causes nutritional lacks. Follow rather at medium-term a varied and balanced diet".
Celebrity diet: Kate Moss

Kate Moss: Celebrity exercises for Weight Loss

Kate Moss's exercises to shape her body. Duration: 1h30 per day. 4 days per week:

  • Pilates and elliptical machine to strengthen all body parts.
  • Spinning classes and jumping rope to burn fat.
  • Climbing stairs, to strengthen legs and heart.
  • Singing and dancing to remove stress and burn calories.
  • Stretching, 15 minutes at the end of training to increase flexibility.
...and after sports, nothing better than go shopping in London!
Celebrity diet: Kate Moss Shopping Celebrity style: Kate Moss Shopping
Celebrity diet: Kate Moss Shopping

Kate Moss: Celebrity Beauty tips of the Model

The model Kate Moss makes you discover her best beauty secret for your eyes...

Kate Moss says that the best way to reduce bags under eyes, dark circles and signs of fatigue is:
•Get enough sleep (8 hours).
•Apply a cold washcloth.
• Use cosmetic patches for the eye contour, or gel non-fat.
• Try to moderate the consumption of salt.

Kate Moss also recommends when your eyes are slightly inflamed, "you can massage with a good moisturizer. Give you also small bumps with fingertips to improve blood circulation".
Celebrity beauty tips: Kate Moss Celebrity beauty tips: Kate Moss cover Vogue
Celebrity beauty tips: Kate Moss

Kate Moss: Celebrity style of the Model

Create your looks and improve your style with the British top model:
Celebrity style: Kate MossShoulder pads
Kate Moss is an unconditional fan of the designer Pierre Balmain. In one of her last public appearance, we saw her wearing a Balmain's dress with shoulder pads. We love the combination of shoes with the dress.
Celebrity style of Kate Moss analyzed:
Celebrity style: Kate MossBlazer + ankle
One of the season best combinations. She's wearing a gray blazer with black sleeves and jeans ankle. The bag, platforms and aviator sunglasses complete a perfect look.
Celebrity style of Kate Moss analyzed:
Celebrity style: Kate MossLong dresses
It's the favorite Kate Moss style for special events. We love this green dress that combines perfectly with a leather jacket.
Celebrity style of Kate Moss analyzed:
Celebrity style: Kate MossShorts XL
Kate Moss loves shorts. She was the first in wearing King size shorts masterfully combined with wide cotton shirt and a black high-heeled boots with air rocker. Perfect.

Kate Moss: Celebrity busted without makeup!

Kate Moss, the top model (cover of so many campaigns) should always be beautiful in photos, but nothing is further from the truth. Sometimes she needs makeup like us!
Kate Moss busted Photoshop. Kate no-make up Kate Moss busted Photoshop. Kate no-make up
Kate Moss busted Photoshop. Kate no-make up

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