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Vegetarian diets

Vegetarian Diet: lose 8 lbs per month eating vegetables, eggs, milk and honey.

Vegetarian Diet: lose 8 lbs per month
The Vegetarian Diet is not only a good way to weight loss. Many people adopt vegetarianism for ethical, health and aesthetic reasons. Try this vegetarian diet and lose weight 8 lbs per month...
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Macrobiotic Diet: Madonna, Julia Roberts and Gwyneth Paltrow use this vegetarian diet.

Vegetarian diet: Macrobiotic diet for weight loss. Madonna
The Macrobiotic Diet is followed by Celebrities and Hollywood's Stars to lose weight to lose 6 lbs per week. This diet is born in Japan. The macrobiotic diet makes weight loss but also is very healthy for the organism to fight illness and mind...
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Vegetarian Menu: 15 days vegetarian diet to lose 6 lbs per week without eating meat !

Vegetarian diet: Vegetarian menu for weight loss
The Vegetarian Menu includes fruits, vegetables, cereals, skimmed dairy products and a discreet consumption of fish.
Weight loss: between 4 and 6 lbs per week.
Diet duration: 2 weeks. Vegetarian diet.
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The Vegan Diet: strict vegetarian diet without meat, eggs, milk and oil (also called pure vegetarian diet).

Vegetarian diet: Vegetarianism. Vegan diet. Pure vegetarian diet
The Vegan Diet excludes all animal products, including dairy products, eggs, and honey. The Veganism is not only a good way to weight loss up to 8 lbs per month. Many people adopt veganism for philosophy and lifestyle...
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The Detox Diet: depurative and weight loss diet drinking vegetables to lose between 10 and 15 lbs !

Vegetarian diet: Detox diet
The Vegetarian Detox Diet is a depurative diet to lose weight. The detox diet is recommended for any woman who wants to reduce cellulite and improve the blood circulation and need to lose up to 15 lbs in 1 month. Vegetarian diet to lose weight...
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The Yoga Diet: vegan diet from India to improve the union between body and mind, and lose 8 lbs per month.

Vegetarian diet: Yoga diet
The Yoga Diet is a vegetarian diet original of the India. The yoga diet is a strict vegan diet with vegetables, spices, hot sauces and nuts. This diet helps to improve the mind, body and spirit. The Yoga Diet is also a good way to weight loss 8 lbs per month.
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Diet Menu Plans

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