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Diet Menu Plans

Healthy diet & Balanced diet:
“The Diet Food”

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Diet Food: mix correctly the food to lose weight 4 lbs per week.

The Diet Food is a healthy and balanced diet. Combining correctly the food, you can forget to count calories. The Diet Food allows you to lose 4 lbs per week, without damaging the health. Diet duration: unlimited.

Advices for doing well The Diet Food:

- Walk 40 minutes per day at a steady rate.
- Drink 6 glasses of water outside eating.
- Drink before and after eating; if you have thirst during the lunch is that you have already eaten enough.
- Eat 4 times per day: breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack.

Lunch and dinner are interchangeable. You can delete the food alternatives that you don't like, or don't tolerate. You can repeat all the times you want the food alternative you prefer. The limit of food you can eat is indicated by your natural need to drink liquids, which it must be necessary water or fry tea.

During lunches, it's not allowed to drink sodas. Out of the lunches you can drink water or sodas without gas or sugar. It's allowed to drink a glass of red wine when eating up to 3 times per week.

The Diet Food Plan to lose 4 lbs per week

If you have anxiety or feel stress, you can eat celery, carrot, or applets anytime of the day.

Breakfast and Snack: Diet Food Menu

Alternative 1:
Fruits; only fruits without limit.

Alternative 2:
Coffee or tea with sweetener. 2 slices of whole-meal bread, preferably roasted, with jam diet, or with diet cheese.
One skimmed yogurt without cereals and without fruits.

Lunch: Diet Food Menu

Alternative 1:
Natural tuna.
Pot of fish and seafood.

Alternative 2:
Spaghetti (without cheese)
Salad with green leaf vegetables, cucumber and pepper with olive oil or soy oil, vinegar and few salt (not for hypertense).

Alternative 3:
Grilled meat, or roasted, with pepper, or carrot.

Alternative 4:
Spanish paella (rice with fish and seafood).

Alternative 5:
Grilled salmon, or baked.
Fresh salad with leaf vegetables.
Seasonal fruit salad.

Alternative 6:
Baked zucchinis (zucchini, parsley, olive oil and few pepper).
1/4 roasted chicken.
Fresh salad as you like.

Alternative 7:
Squids as you like.
Filet of fish cooked with your favorite sauce.
1 apple.

Dinner Diet: Diet Food Menu

Alternative 1:
Gourd cake and onion (beat 2 white eggs and cook it to oven).
Grated carrot with lemon juice.
1 skimmed yogurt.

Alternative 2:
Mixed salad with fresh vegetables.
1 skimmed yogurt.

Alternative 3.
Broccoli with olive oil, lemon and few salt, or pepper.
1 skimmed yogurt.

Alternative 4:
Vegetable soup, asparagus and palm heart with lemon juice, mushrooms cooked as you like.
1 skimmed yogurt.

Alternative 5
Fruits salad, including banana.

Alternative 6:
Banana milkshake.

Alternative 7:
Fish fillet cooked as you like in the oven, or grilled (12 to 20 minutes), wrapped in silver foil, flavored with lemon.
Fruits salad.

Before go to bed: Diet Food Menu

It's recommends to eat an orange, or a grapefruit.

Before starting a diet, please consult your nutritionist, she help you lose weight in good health.


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Diet Menu Plans

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