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Celebrity Diet
“Lindsay Lohan”

Lindsay Lohan: Diet to Lose Weight. Strict Diet. Celebrity diet, Exercises, Style & Beauty Secrets!

Weight: 112 lbs (51 kg)
Height: 5 ft 4.75 in (1,64 meters)
Age: 36 years old (1986/07/02)
Place of birth: New York, USA.

Lindsay Lohan, actress, model and singer. She began her career at the age of 3 years as a child model. She became famous with a Disney movie.Discover her diet now:
Celebrity diet: Lindsay Lohan Celebrity diet: Lindsay Lohan
Celebrity diet: Lindsay Lohan

Celebrity diet: Lindsay Lohan's diet for Weight Loss

The secret of Lindsay Lohan: eat small portions every 3 hours.
Thus, Lindsay Lohan multiplies the digest that makes increase the number of burned calories. In fact, she doesn't have hungry, the metabolism burns fat and not muscle. Many other celebrities follows the same diet. Obviously it's absolutely not recommended to follow this diet without consulting your doctor or your nutritionist..

Linday Lohan said recently in the newspaper Us Sunday from New York: "I always eat when I'm hungry. Yesterday I ate a MacDonald’s Big Mac". We would like to know which kind of Big Mac without calories Lindsay Lohan eats…

Lindsay Lohan had weight changes these last year, increased by theproblems of her father with the law, and problems with her girlfriend, the DJ Samantha Ronson (on the picture).
Lindsay Lohan thinks that the weight changes are due because "I work a lot." She also blames "the stress and lack of sleep when I travel". Weight control clinics are famous in Hollywood. The stay and treatment in the clinic cost $ 21,000 per month. It includes extras such as: Jacuzzis, golf and vegetarian menu.
Celebrity diet: Lindsay Lohan - Samantha Ronson Celebrity diet: Lindsay Lohan
Diät der Stars: Lindsay Lohan - Samantha Ronson

Celebrity exercise: Lindsay Lohan's exercises

Lindsay Lohan practice sport occasionally. She usually goes to gym once a week. And when she can, she goes surfing on the beaches of Malibu (see photos):
Celebrity exercise: Lindsay Lohan

Celebrity style: Lindsay Lohan's fashion style

Lindsay Lohan as one of the trendiest looks of the season. She's a fashion style:
Celebrity style: Lindsay Lohan

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