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Weight Loss Motivation | Celebrity tips for motivation

7 Tips to Keep Up Motivation for Weight Loss

1. Celebrity diet best tip: fill up the refrigerator with fruits, vegetables and water. Don't leave food at first sight to avoid any temptation, especially in your main room.

2. Fill up your stomach with low-calories food, thus you will forget the hunger sensation.

3. Authorize you to eat chocolate or other sweets occasionally, instead of thinking about it all the day!

4. Eat before being hungry, thus you will eat less during meals and you will lose the "fear" of being hungry.

5. Eat at least 5 light meals per day, because digestion burns calories and by this way you will burn the maximum!

6. Water and exercise accelerate the weight loss; drink and move every time you can.

7. Speak about your diet around you. Nothing better than receive the permanent support of yours. Also you can explain your experience in online weight loss forums or go to a nutritionist. With the help of all, you will lose this overweight.

4 Psychological Tips to Self-Motivation for Weight Loss

This motivation tips are used by psychologists (tips valid for being motivated for anything)

1. Analyze fast all diets available. Choose the easiest diet for you (with less effort) to obtain the result that you wish, is the only way to have the sufficient motivation to lose weight. Sometimes there isn't an easy way to solve your problem. Be conscious of it. Your brain will know there isn't an easy way and will be self motivated.

2. Think about all the good things of losing weight, even in an indirect way. For example: you like people congratulate you about your body. Imagine why the diet is good for you.

3. Now imagine your body when your diet is finished, for example: you obtain praises and congratulations from people. Imagine this scene with vivacious colors, images, sounds, smells and feelings of pleasure.

4. Finally, imagine that you really follow the diet, and obtain the results described in the previous paragraph. It's the combination Diet and Results what create motivation. For your brain, the diet is worth to be done for 2 reasons: it's the easiest for you, and it provides a satisfactory result to you. If you follow positive thoughts, your motivation to lose weight will grow.

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