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Celebrity Diet
“Natalie Portman”

Natalie Portman: Vegetarian Diet for Weight Loss. Celebrity diet, Exercise, Style & Beauty secrets!

Weight: 105 lbs (48 kg)
Height: 5 ft 3 in (1,60 meters)
Age: 41 years old (1981/06/09)
Place of birth: Jerusalem, Israel.

Natalie Portman, actress, became famous in the movie Léon and later in Star Wars. Her natural beauty makes her the most elegant woman in Hollywood. Discover her diet now:
Celebrity diet: Natalie Portman - Vegetarian diet

Celebrity diet: Natalie Portman's diet to lose weight

Natalie Portman has a healthy bodyweight and an undeniable beauty. Due to her love for animals, Natalie Portman is a faithful follower of the vegetarian diet. The actress is always accompanied by her boyfriend, walking through the streets of Hollywood. Does he remember you someone? His friends call him Chewbacca from Stars Wars:
Celebrity diet: Natalie Portman - Vegetarian diet Celebrity diet: Natalie Portman - Vegetarian diet
Celebrity diet: Natalie Portman

Celebrity diet: Vegetarian diet of Natalie Portman

Her secret for weight loss: the vegetarian food.

Natalie Portman confesses "I am a strict vegetarian. I love animals and I do what I think". Generally, vegetarians weight around 20 lbs less than people who eat meat regularly. Natalie Portman eats a lot of fruits and vegetables, bread, pasta, rice and olive oil with moderation. She takes care never to commit excesses.

The strict vegetarian diet menu: vegetable soups + tofu + glass of wine.

Should I follow the vegetarian diet or not? According to our experts: "The vegetarian diet is a healthy diet, only if this diet is combined with food supplements to avoid a lack of nutrients. Before starting a diet, please consult your doctor or nutritionist."
Celebrity diet: Natalie Portman - Vegetarian diet

Celebrity exercises & Workout: Natalie Portman

Exercises of the actress Natalie Portman. Exercise duration:1h30 per day. 4 days per week:

Pilates and elliptical machine to strength the whole body.
Classes of Spinning to burn fat and calories.
Swimming, to strengthen the legs and heart.
Stretching, 15 minutes at the end of the training to gain flexibility.

Once a week, Natalie Portman walks around with her dog or goes running in the park:
Celebrity exercises & Workout: Natalie Portman Celebrity exercises: Natalie Portman
Celebrity exercises: Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman isn’t worried in excess about her body. "I'm still young, I am lucky to have a metabolism able to burn nearly everything..."
Celebrity exercises: Natalie Portman sport

Celebrity beauty tips: A perfect skin by Natalie Portman

The actress Natalie Portman makes you discover her best beauty secret for your face.

Beauty tips to get a perfect skin face, by Natalie Portman:

• Before going to bed, clean your face with water and soap
• After apply a cleaning cream to remove makeup
• Practice a soft exfoliation at least twice a week
• Tonic. Choose a tonic moisturizing without alcohol in order to not damage the skin
•Moisturizing cream. Choose a moisturizing mask and an eyes outliner. If you don't still have wrinkles, don’t waste your money on anti-aging creams. 
Celebrity beauty tips: A perfect skin by Natalie Portman Celebrity beauty tips: Natalie Portman face
Celebrity beauty tips: Natalie Portmann

Celebrity style: Natalie Portman's Style. Style from another galaxy!

Natalie Portman at Cannes Film Festival, dressed by her favourite Designer, Givenchy.
The actress is in the list of the best dressed in Hollywood. Congratulation!
Celebrity style: Natalie Portman's Style

Natalie Portman (from the left to the right) with an Egyptian-style dress; retro in a “20s-flavored dress”; studded silk Vionnet dress with Cartier earrings & Christian Dior heels:
Celebrity style: Natalie Portman's Style

Natalie Portman can't go wrong. She can wear avant-garde, funkier things because she'll make all look beautiful. It's her natural radiance that transcends the clothes.
Celebrity style: Natalie Portman's Style

Natalie Portman
has one of the most elegant styles for this season:
Celebrity style: Natalie Portman

We love the urban style of Natalie Portman in the streets of Hollywood: Celebrity style: Natalie Portman - street style

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