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Celebrity diet
“Kate Winslet”

Kate Winslet: The Face Diet - Analysis of the face! Celebrity diet, Exercises, Style & Beauty secrets.

Weight: 148 lbs (68 kg)
Height: 5 ft 9 in (1,75 meters)
Age: 48 years old (1975/10/05)
Place of birth: Reading, England.

Kate Winslet is an actress, Oscar for the movie Titanic with Leonardo DiCaprio. Kate Winslet has a healthy silhouette thanks to a very peculiar diet based on the face analysis:
Celebrity diet: Kate Winslet - The Face Diet

Celebrity diet: Kate Winslet's diet for Weight Loss

Kate Winslet has achieved to lose weight with the diet of Elizabeth Gibaud, known in the UK for her diet based on the analysis of the face. The pigmentation, lines and tones correspond with certain mismatches. That happens in nature, plants change colour before dying due to the lack of minerals. Discover the face diet now!
Celebrity diet: Kate Winslet - The Face Diet

Kate Winslet: The Face Diet, Amazing celerity diet !

What is the face diet based on?
The dietician of Kate Winslet holds that the body requires 12 essential minerals to function correctly: it's the theory of facial analysis.

How do I read the features of the face?
Horizontal marks on the forehead may indicate liver problems.
The rings under the eyes suggest a disease.

What is the face diet of Kate Winslet?
Once the diagnosis is established, the dietician recommended to Kate Winslet a 2 days detoxification plan and 1 strict diet of 15 days.Following the details:

The Face Diet - Phase 1: 2 days detoxification diet
To enable the metabolism to remove accumulated toxins:

• Breakfast: 2 oranges and 2 mandarins.
• Mid-morning: 1 glass of orange with lemon, raspberry or kiwi juice.
• Lunch: 1 piece of watermelon, 1 cup of grapes, 1 apple and 1 infusion.
• Snack: 1 grapefruit and 1 mandarin.
• Dinner: 3 slice of pineapple, 3 cookies, 1 banana and infusion.

The Face Diet - Phase 2: the strict diet of 15 days.
After you complete the detox diet, we're ready to go through the strict diet, a 2 weeks diet during which you are only allowed to eat the recommended aliments.
Celebrity diet: Kate Winslet - The Face Diet

Kate Winslet's diet: Menu of the facial analysis diet

Kate Winslet’s dietician reveals us the standard menu of the facial analysis diet. To be successful, it's necessary to follow strictly the face diet and notice the results.

1 grapefruit (or seasonal fruit), 1 slice of wholemeal bread, coffee or tea without sugar and milk.

Assortment of salami of any type of non-fat meat (chicken, turkey, ham...).
Tomatoes (raw in salad, grilled or steamed).
1 slice of bread (ideally integral bread).

Any kind of fish or seafood.
Mixed salad and vegetables. What you prefer.
1 grapefruit (if not, take a seasonal fruit).

Should I follow the face diet or not? According to our experts: "The diet of facial analysis is suitable for anyone with allergies, and overweight problems and chronicle fatigue. It must not exceed 15 days of treatment in order to avoid the lack of nutrients". Before following a diet, please consult your doctor or nutritionist.
Celebrity style: Kate Winslet's style

Kate Winslet: Celebrity exercises for Weight Loss

The Kate Winslet’s exercise for losing weight is dancing, Pilates and fitness, 1 h 30 - 4 days per week. The actress confesses that it is ideal for keeping the body in good shape...
Celebrity exercise: Kate Winslet Instyle Celebrity exercise: Kate Winslet
Celebrity exercise: Kate Winslet

Celebrity Hairstyle: Kate Winslet Beauty secrets !

The actress Kate Winslet makes you discover her best beauty secret for a healthy and great airbrush. The airbrush style: 12 gestures for a celebrity hairstyle, by Kate Winslet:

1. Brush your hair twice per day. Brush your hair in every sense to remove dust.
2. Feed the scalp with vitamins, iron and zinc.
3. Go for vitamins for the hair. A cure during 3 months, twice a year.
4. Switch to mild shampoos.
5. Don’t abuse of hair waxes.
6. Never brush when still wet.
7. Massage frequently the scalp.
8. Clean your hair during 4 minutes.
9. Use hair mask. Let it in action during 5 minutes.
10. Dry your hair carefully.
11. Use hair oil. Ensure good nutrition.
12. Cut it every 3 months, between 3 o 4 fingers.
Celebrity Hairstyle: Kate Winslet Beauty secrets for Brushing

Celebrity style: Kate Winslet's Style in Hollywood

With the years, Kate Winslet hasn’t lost her appeal that it made her famous in Titanic. The actress dazzles with a very dress green dress, very 60's. Earrings give her a definitive glam.
Celebrity style: Kate Winslet's Style

Kate Winslet is a it girl at The Reader premiere in NYC, with gray satin sandals by Roger Vivier, and black-grey dress byy Herve Leger. The basic of the VIPs and Celebrities:
Celebrity style: Kate Winslet's Style

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