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The 5 Best Weight Loss Exercises - Lose Weight Exercise

I want firm thighs, defined and thinner...

The best tip for having nice thighs is to practice exercise. Choose an exercise that makes work thighs as for instance roller skating, swimming with fins, skiing, cycling or walking. For less active girls who work all the day at the office, there are the following tips: get up every half hour, contract thighs strongly from 10 to 15 times per day, and take the stairs instead of taking the lift. We assure you that with these exercises you will have a great thighs; and also strong legs with muscles protecting your back of the pain!

I have fat knees...

The excess of fat in the knee is especially difficult to eliminate. The only trick: activate thighs to re-balance aesthetically the whole leg. Walking, bicycle and swimming will help you to change the aspect of your knees. Remember to complete your exercise sessions with some stretching of legs; it will allow you to relax the muscles and improve the blood circulation.

I hate my harms...

Do you want thinner arms? Do you find your arms ugly? Get strong arms doing weight training with light charges to strengthen them and to make them more pretty. If your arms are too big or muscular avoid weight training because it can increase them; in this case is better test stretching, swimming or dance. They will help you to get slim arms.

I want to lose belly and have a flat stomach...

We all dream to have a flat stomach, very feminine, to heighten the breasts, notice the waist and the curve of the hips. What is the best exercise to obtain it? Cardio exercises obviously! We recommend training of 20 minutes or more of bicycle and jogging, they will help you to work your abdominal belt. Accompany your sessions with a series of abdominal to strengthen the stomach. During the day, find few minutes (waiting for the elevator or the underground) to contract your abdominals during 10 seconds, 5 or 6 times!

My thighs are too large...

First of all, walk each day or practice jogging to gain muscle. These exercises make slim the thighs and define the legs. If you want an easiest method, the aqua gym and swimming can help you also to obtain thinner thighs. But never lose your motivation for having this located fat, because large thighs are also due to hormonal factors.

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