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Celebrity Diet & Model Diet
“Naomi Campbell”

Naomi Campbell: Model diet for Weight Loss. Celebrity diet, Exercises, Style and Beauty secrets!

Weight: 125 lbs (57 kg)
Height: 5 ft 9.5 in (1,77 meters)
Age: 54 years old (1970/05/22)
Place of birth: London,England.

Naomi Campbell
is a top model, world famous for her beauty, scandalous love affairs and problems with justice. The top model became famous with lingerie campaigns for Victoria's Secret. Naomi Campbell has a strong and muscular body. Now discover her model diet:
Celebrity diet: Naomi Campbell vogue rusia Celebrity diet: Naomi Campbell Victoria's Secret
Celebrity diet: Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell: Celebrity diet for Weight Loss

Has Naomi Campbell only an incredible healthy silhouette? Naomi Campbell reveals us that she follows a model diet to keep her body in good shape...
Celebrity diet: Naomi Campbell

The Model Diet explained by Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell eats exclusively proteins such as eggs, fish, cheese. All meals are accompanied by fruits and vegetables (tomatoes, salads, cucumbers, cabbage). Voluminous and rich vegetables promote satiety without providing unnecessary calories, always dressed with olive oil that contains no saturated fat.

Naomi Campbell eats a very light dinner and drink a lot of water.

Her favorite food: "I love fruit especially pineapple", says the model. In addition, she loves lettuce and Light Coke.

Naomi Campbell's in Sardinia (Italy) with her billionaire boyfriend, the Russian Vladislav Doronin. The topmodel has a peach skin and a perfect model body.
Celebrity diet: Naomi Campbell and Vladislav Doronin

Naomi Campbell: Celebrity exercises for the Body

Naomi Campbell, uses the services of a personal trainer to get fit, and confesses to do a lot of sport, "4 days a week if I can."

Her exercise program includes weight lifting (20 minutes), swimming or jogging (20 minutes), and contact sports, as kick-boxing and capoeira (1 hour).
Celebrity exercise: Naomi Campbell Kick Boxing Celebrity exercise: Naomi Campbell Fitness
Celebrity exercise: Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell: Celebrity style of the Model

A retro and contemporary style. Naomi Campbell recommend to have 2 or 3 design clothes of expensive and combine them with economic clothes, and a set with a haircut retro fashion. Naomi Campbell with a fabulous dress from her favorite designer, Yves Saint Laurent:
Celebriy style: Naomi Campbell

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