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Celebrity diet
“Jennifer Lopez”

Jennifer Lopez: Cellulite diet for thighs. JLo diet. Celebrity diet, Exercises, Style and Beauty secrets !

Weight: 132 lbs (60 kg)
Height: 5 ft 5 in (1,65 meters)
Age: 53 years old (1969/07/24)
Place of birth: Bronx, New York, USA.

Jennifer Lopez, actress, singer and producer, is the richest American latin woman in Hollywood according to the Forbes list. Jennifer Lopez, also called J.Lo, is healthy and bling-bling. In addition, each year she looks thinner. Discover now the Jennifer Lopez' diet to lose weight and tips to remove cellulite:
Celebrity diet: Jennifer Lopez Celebrity diet: Jennifer Lopez
Celebrity diet: Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez: Celebrity diet for Weight Loss

How Jennifer Lopez does to stay thin and keep perfect thighs?To beefing up her body J.Lo is able to dance for hours. The singer needs to be in perfect shape to be on Tour, and for this reason she works hard and follows a diet:
Celebrity diet: Jennifer LopezCelebrity diet: Jennifer Lopez
Celebrity diet: Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez: Cellulite Diet for Weight Loss

Her secret diet:  Jennifer Lopez eats everything but with moderation and only occasionally enjoys the delights of the Caribbean cuisine. She follows a healthy diet rich in proteins and vegetables. She never drinks alcohol. When she wants to lose some pounds, she eliminates carbs from the diet (pasta, rice). It's all good for cellulite!

Extra tips for cellulite by Jennifer Lopez: Drink more than 8 glasses of water per day to satisfy the stomach. Drink vegetables soups before meals to suppress hunger.

Jennifer Lopez has curves and hips. She relies on her diet to attend Hollywood events. Pictures in front of a Hollywood club. She's got the syle!
Celebrity style: Jennifer Lopez Celebrity diet: Jennifer LopezCelebrity diet: Jennifer Lopez and cellulite diet
Celebrity diet: Jennifer Lopez

The singer Jennifer Lopez accompanied by her former husband, the singer-producer Marc Anthony on the red carpet, after having twins, Max and Emme:
Celebrity diet: Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Celebrity diet: Jennifer Lopez and twins
Celebrity diet: Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

Jennifer Lopez: Celebrity exercises for thighs

JLo works very hard to keep in good shape her famous body and thighs. According to her personal trainer, Gunnar Paterson, when Jennifer Lopez is not on Tour, she's training 4 to 5 days per week during 60 to 90 minutes. For normal people like you and me, her personal trainer recommends to exercise 60 minutes 3 times a week.
Celebrity exercises: Jennifer LopezCelebrity diet: Jennifer Lopez dancing
Celebrity exercises: Jennifer Lopez
Celebrity exercises: Jennifer Lopez
Celebrity exercises: Jennifer Lopez

Other exercises from Jennifer Lopez for thighs: Singing and dancing.
Performing intensely on stage night after night takes endless energy. JLo sings and dances while on tour and burn off between 2,000 and 4,000 calories a night.
At the age of 5 years, Jennifer Lopez took dancing courses in a high standing school in the Bronx. Since that moment, she has never stopped.

The personal trainer of Jennifer Lopez, explains us the JLo exercise routine:
Jennifer Lopez follows a strict training with exercises that includes weights lift and cardiovascular exercises. In Addition, she practices Krav Maga, the self defense system of the Israeli army, and yoga. In pictures, the Jennifer Lopez practicing yoga:
Celebrity exercises: Jennifer Lopez and Yoga

JLo is very dedicated and works hard. Jennifer Lopez makes always clear to her coaches, that she doesn't want to decrease the size of her thighs, she loves them like that.

Following Jennifer Lopez in a triathlon for a support event: the St. Judes Children's Hospital of Los Angeles. She completed the race in 2h23:28. A good time. According to her, her weak point is swimming.

JLo in a wetsuit. Is this disserving her latina reputation?
Celebrity exercises: Jennifer Lopez and triathlon Celebrity exercises: Jennifer Lopez
Celebrity exercises: Jennifer Lopez triathlon

Celebrity exercises: strong thighs by Jennifer Lopez

In who do you think when you talk about strong thighs? Most people think of Jennifer Lopez, who put thighs to the front.

What characteristics make perfect thighs?
The most important feature is the strong, followed by shape and size. And also the thighs should be smooth and without cellulite. The thighs can be changed and improved, because it consists mostly on muscles.

Exercises for a perfect thighs: 
It's necessary to practice 2 types of exercise: To remove fat, JLo does aerobics. To firm the thighs, JLo adds muscle exercises or strength training. To increase the thighs, in addition to exercise, JLo eats proteins to grow up her muscles.
Celebrity exercises: Jennifer Lopez running

Thighs: The Beauty Secret of Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez makes you discover her best beauty secret to have perfect thighs, by Jennifer Lopez:

Collapse thighs very strong! Each time I can, standing or seated, I contract my thighs (to have a harder thighs). Repeat this exercise several times during the day. Try it few minutes each day, I assure you strong thighs in 15 days!

Use cellulite creams
JLo uses firming creams and cellulite creams as a complement to exercises. The singer says that they give a good result quick visible, but don't expect huge results. JLo applies creams after the shower, and uses the peel to a smooth and beautiful skin.

Jennifer Lopez's tip to hide cellulite
To hide cellulite, my quick tip is to tan my body with normal tan or with self tanning creams.
Celebrity style: Jennifer Lopez

Celebrity Style: Jennifer Lopez "Latin style"

Pretty, rich and famous... Jennifer Lopez has more style than ever. A latin style full of freshness to go during to Hollywood events. Dark blue is her favorite color.
Celebrity style: Jennifer Lopez. Latin style

Jennifer Lopez is latin and bling-bling: elegant in green; latinwith heels and mini-dresses. The Latin look fits her perfectly:
Celebrity style: Jennifer Lopez

Makeup: The Beauty Secret of Jennifer Lopez !

Jennifer Lopez, is very Latina and has her own make-up style which has made become fashion. Despite being very glamorous with her clothes, her makeup is usually the opposite, very simple. The makeup key of Jennifer Lopez is having a skin like her: nearly perfect.
Celebrity makeup: Jennifer Lopez Celebrity makeup: Jennifer Lopez
Celebrity makeup: Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez' makeup is characterized by its brightness. It's almost perfect and seeming to have a bright aura. For that, she puts attention to use monochromatic tones almost translucent. Her lips and cheeks have tones very subtle and it's in the eyes which sometimes uses a lot of makeup, sometimes are also subtle. The makeup is done with a little sparkle, mixing colors and products and a lot of experience

What can you learn from Jennifer Lopez?
Take care of your skin to get luminosity. Do not use more makeup than you need, no need to use heavy makeup to be divine.

Celebrity makeup: Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez in good shape after pregnancy

JLo has recovered quite well from pregnancy. The fat has been removed, but she has lost a little bit of firmness. Despite her cellulite, she's great!
Jennifer Lopez after pregnancy

Celebrity busted: Jennifer Lopez without makeup

On the red carpet, celebrities are real divas, but on the street they are... normal girls. Jennifer Lopez without makeup. Great skin and hairstyle of Jennifer Lopez:
Celebrity busted: Jennifer Lopez without makeup

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